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Burger Records Presents Female Focused Festival But Why Are Female Artists Still So Under-Represented?

Here at the GATRS, we love a good festival but after attending many throughout the years, it’s evident that these modern-day woodstock’s are missing one key factor… Female performers.
In recent years, more people (not just females) have started voicing their frustrations over the disparity between male and female headliners at music festivals, less than 15% of bands were made up of women. To prove our exact point, pixable even got rid of all the male artists to highlight how barren festivals would appear without men. So, what better way to celebrate talented and kickass female musicians than by hosting an all female festival?
Enter Burger Records. The 2nd annual burger-a-go-go is a female focused festival that is happening this September in Santa Ana, California. This year artists like iconic artists like Kim Gordon, Kate Nash, and Cat Power (pictured in above header) will be headlining among many others. While this female driven badass event is a good start, why are women are so under-represente in festival culture to start with?

Big-time festival booker Andy Copping told Guardian journalist Jenny Stevens that women enjoy “watching bands more than being in them and haven’t felt inspired enough to pick up a guitar or be the singer of the rock band.” He also explained that he books his bands on “merit— not gender,” but we refuse to believe that there are so few qualified girl bands. Women have been endlessly underrepresented in the entertainment industry whether it’s in music, television, or comedy.. Women are  grossly underrated and continuously not being given the spotlight they deserve.
So, my fellow GATRS of the world, it’s up to all of us to prove to all those silly men who are clearly running this industry wrong. After all, who run the world? Girls.

Get your tickets to Burger a-go-go- 2 here to see these badass women in all their glory and also to give Andy Copping a run for his money.

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