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Carl Barât and the Jackals at Cedar Street Courtyard for SXSW

The Jackals, Billy Tessio and Carl Barât.

The energy at FLOODFest at Cedar Street Courtyard in Austin for SXSW was palpable. It was quiet but the kind of quiet before the storm. The crowd congregated over our love of music and this particular crowd was ready for the storm that is Carl Barât and the Jackals. Everyone started inching in closer towards the coveted front barrier spots despite the fact that this particular venue didn’t have a barricade, which meant we were all that much closer to the Jackals.
To say that people were eager and excited was an understatement. I was next to a group of hardcore Carlos fans, their love was pure and infectious, so of course we hit it off. The GATRS were also on hand and ready to see Carlos perform with his new band. Their new album is a riveting ride from start to finish, so it was no surprise that all of the GATRS were in attendance for the Jackals first SXSW performance.

The Jackals walked down the stairs to a cheering crowd while looking every bit the part of a cool NYC band in all black and leather, despite the Texas humidity.
The Jackals set started with Victory Gin, an absolute rager of a beginning which set the tone for the rest of the set.

Billy Tessio, Carl Barât, and Jay Bone.

The Setlist…

A Storm is Coming
Gin & Milk
Summer in the Trenches
Death on Stairs
March of the Idle
Run with the Boys
Glory Days
Let it Rain
Bang Bang
War of Roses
I Get Along

Jackals bassist, Adam Claxton.

The crowd was taking in all that the Jackals had to give, singing passionately around to Libertine classics as well as Dirty Pretty Things but not even skipping a beat of embracing, or singing, to the Jackals new tunes. The amount of love that the crowd had for these guys was astounding. It’s crystal clear that the Jackals won the crowd over with the first song that they performed and had the crowd moving and singing along until the very last song.
The Jackals were enchanting, the entire crowd was mesmerized and left salivating for more, they were one of my favorites from SXSW. They’re an all around can’t miss, shouldn’t miss type of band with an energetic show that if you don’t leave all sweaty… You clearly did it wrong.

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