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The GATR Life: Concert Hoarding

We’re not really doing an episode of Hoarders but I bet we could with as much concert hoarding that we have all have collected.

Oh, what a way to begin it all… The GATRS met in Baton Rouge for Arctic Monkeys, we made ‘yes’ signs to hold up during R U Mine?

The GATRS is made up of several unbelievably amazing girls, some are honorary members that help us when they can. The original GATRS met at an Arctic Monkeys concert when we all made the separate pilgrimage to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Nashville, Tennessee and met in the queue… And the rest is history.

We are avid concert goers and lovers.
We have this obsessive bliss we get from attending concerts. We make plans and travel all around the U.S. (Even beyond the U.S. like London and Sheffield). We attend shows together but we also go to shows separately.
Arctic Monkeys may have brought us together but we all have diverse tastes, like the Kooks, the Strokes, Muse, Franz Ferdinand, QOTSA, and so much more.

Now that e-tickets are becoming the norm, the GATRS still opt for owning physical tickets when we can because we love collecting and hoarding. Which is when we realized we are much more than ticket stub hoarders, we hoard a lot of music memorabilia. We have set lists, wristbands, guitar picks, drumsticks, flyers, and so much more.
Admitting to hoarding is usually step one of the ‘healing’ process… Not for us GATRS. We proudly admit that we obsessively collect items from gigs. Every ticket stub, wristband, setlist, etc tells an intricate story of a good show.
Each of us in our own way, have a shrine to the bands/gigs that we loved. Some are on a large scale, some a bit smaller, size doesn’t matter (in this case anyway). It’s about the memories that each of those items hold.

So here’s a small glimpse into our GATR world, a ‘behind the scenes’ if you will… There are stories behind every ticket, drumstick(s), wristband, etc that we all own.

Our good friend and concert buddy Amanda, from Chicago, keeps all her tickets and set lists nice and neat. she assured me she had plenty more, which I believe as I know how much she goes but she didn’t have the time to dig them all out. (#GATRS problems)

Honorary GATRS Amanda, from Maine, says her swag is small but it means a lot to her.
Don’t let the size of her collection fool you, her stories are impressive, like how she got the harmonica from a Muse show.
If you look carefully you can see the girl is a pro at catching flying drumsticks and guitar picks.

Honorary GATRS Mackenzie, from Canada, has packed away most of her things for college but kept a few things out to decorate her room like the recent Kooks poster from the Toronto show, plus her amazing vinyl.
It’s all about priorities people.

GATRS Naomi, from Texas, is neat and tidy with her collection. Her tickets/wristbands are framed.
On her wall is just a few Arctic Monkeys posters from this past year. She has AM set lists, 3 drumsticks from Matt Helders 2 are even signed. She also has Alex Turner and Jamie Cooks guitar picks.
She has our GATR selfie with Julian Casablancas from SXSW along with his and Albert’s autograph and Nick Valensi’s guitar pick.

Mia is in charge of our GATRS tumblr, she has loads of tickets, flyers, and great pictures from gigs we’ve attended.

Brandy is our planner. She helps keep us in order by mapping out what to do and where to go.
Wherever we go, she has a cd or album cover with her to get signed, just in case. A girl needs to be prepared.
In her collection are AM set lists, drumsticks, and guitar picks from Alex Turner, Jamie Cook, and Nick O’Malley.

Then there is me, Teri.
My hallway is lined floor to ceiling with signed posters, setlists, tote bags, whatever I have happened to have on me at the time.
The dining room is the place for memorabilia from my husbands good friends the guys at Synthetic Elements, a Denver Ska-Punk band.

One small wall is dedicated to my love of The Kooks and the amazing week I spent with them.
My concert tickets are not so neatly covering a mirror in the lounge room.

And then there is

My very favourite thing from a concert…
Lyrics to Shine On by the Kooks written by Luke Pritchard, himself, that I had tattooed onto my upper arm.

The GATRS have had some incredible concert experiences, and even some not so good either thanks to mother nature. If you’re curious about a certain gig we’ve been to.. Just ask us!

Now let us know about your collections, post your pictures on our twitter and/or facebook just make sure to @ us.
Tell us your stories. We would love to get to know you also.

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