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Concert Review: Arctic Monkeys in Tulsa, OK

I have said it before I am not good at reviewing anything about Arctic Monkeys, I cannot be objective and I come off sounding like a fan girl, because honestly, that is what I am when it comes to them.

They came to my home town of Tulsa on December 11th, playing the Cain’s Ballroom, which so happens to be my favorite concert venue in town. It had been awhile since they came through Tulsa and I was excited to see them and not have to travel to do so. I also had several friends fly in from out-of-state to see them with me and also took some girls from work with me, so I was surrounded by good music and great people. What could possibly go wrong.

Naomi's setlistAs with the past shows I have seen this year, they came out and opened with Do I Wanna Know? I love that they start with this song. It’s sexy, it’s moody and it sets the scene for the rest of the music.
The lighting also fit well, it seemed darker than the last few shows, with a lot of deep blues and purples, and a spot light mostly shining on Alex.
From Do I Wanna Know? they kicked right into Brianstorm, which got the crowd really moving and the Cain’s floor bouncing.
The set list (as posted to the left, thanks to Naomi who got Jamie’s setlist and pick, nice!) was a mix of older songs peppered with the new songs off the recent AM album, none of them disappointed. Sure, there were songs I would have liked to hear but it wasn’t until it was over and a few days went by that you realized you had missed hearing them.

Alex Turner put on a show, with his new dance moves and personality that seems to be getting more present with each show. Moves that we all seem to love and hate at the same time. He even added a few new hand gestures to Reckless Serenade that we can’t seem to keep from laughing or talking about.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

The last few concerts I had attended 505 had been cut from the set list, much to my disappointment, as it is my very favorite Arctic Monkeys song. But it showed up again at the end of the set. It is the one song I never get tired of hearing, and I think it is the perfect ending song. I was also very glad that my friend Cass got to hear it live, as I have taught her to love the song as much as I do.
They did come back for a 3 song encore of a semi acoustic version of Cornerstone, One for the Road, and R U Mine? all sung while a huge disco ball shot beams of light through out the venue.

To me, it was one of their best performances.
Maybe it was because it was home turf to me, in my favorite venue, sold out with a crowd that kept the floor bouncing, but there were also a few little things that made it special. The group of us have been on the front row at more than several concerts over the past few months and we always hold up the same sign at the same moment, but the night before we customized the back sides of our usual YES signs with more *cough* personal signs.
Brandy got a smile and a nod from Nick with her ‘Sexy Jesus on Bass sign’, Barbara won the mother load when Matt personally handed her a drum stick after displaying her sign (that I graciously let her use) and me….. Yep, I had a sign for Jamie that I held up specifically for One for The Road that got a priceless reaction from him and warranted Naomi and I, a very close up personal bow and clap from him as he left the stage.

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