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Concert Review: Fever The Ghost

WHO: Fever The Ghost

WHERE: SubT, Chicago

WHEN: May 30, 2015

It is no lie that Fever The Ghost had already made a huge impression on me and tons of other fans around the world, but I was a bit nervous on Saturday May 30, when they took the stage before Temples in Chicago.
I was surrounded by at least 10 friends, who had been listening to me talk about the band for the past 8 months. Music taste is very subjective, and I have some friends with some very high standards..

Walking out on stage, Fever The Ghost, were a bit more subdued than the past two times I have seen them. Gone was lead  man Casper’s magical outer world cape, instead they were in normal street clothes ( the last time I saw them perform it was December and they were dressed as Christmas presents, complete with lights )IMG_3426

The band had little interaction with the small crowd, preferring instead to let their spacey psych rock speak for them. Casper seemed more at ease on stage, and the whole band seemed to have more confidence, proving they were leaving their days of infancy behind

The crowd around me seemed to warm up quickly to them, and by the second song, were well into the action on stage and the music being played. As they quickly ripped thru hits such as Source and Calico, they  gave us a tiny preview of what to expect from the upcoming debut album, by playing several new songs. These songs seemed to be less computer driven, leaving the sound effects instead to Bobby and his awesome keyboard playing, and Casper’s manipulation of his guitar and effects board.

And speaking of Bobby and Casper, who I could only see from where I was standing, the stage being dark and cramped . Bobby has got to be one of the most awesome keyboard players I have ever watched. He attacks his keyboards in a crazy mad scientist way that leaves you dizzy watching him, and perhaps himself dizzy from the playing,  at one point he dramatically fell to the ground to catch a few seconds of rest. At times when playing his guitar, Casper seemed to be hit by the electrical current as he jerked frantically as he played it, the crowd loving these moments of showmanship and the energy the band gave off, but don’t get me wrong, all the guys play a role in the band and none of them fade into the background.DSCF0522

If there was anyone in the crowd who wasn’t won over by Fever The Ghost, they won them over when, for the last song, they covered Temples Keep In The Dark ( if you were lucky and in the UK you could have snagged a split of Temples and Fever The Ghost covering each other on RSD ), but Fever The Ghost just doesn’t do a cover song, they make it their own, injecting it with lots of electronic feedback.

Fever The Ghost was an exciting, perfect transition into the Temples concert and we look forward to getting our hands on the debut album, which we keep hearing, will be out soon.

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