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Concert Review: Glass Animals

WHO: Glass Animals

WHEN: October 2, 2015

WHERE: Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Ok

Giant palm trees and the bands beloved pineapples lined the Cains Ballroom stage as Glass Animals emerged out on to it in a smokey green haze and instantly went to work mesmerizing the sold out crowd with Walla Walla.

Glass Animals were both energetic and instrumentally talented as they made their way thru the set , mostly from their hit album Zaba ( they did manage to sneak in a Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Kanye cover )

The entire crowd sang along to song after song as Dave Bayley entertained us with his dancing. The crowd swayed and danced with him, even the smooth and dreamy music the band played was infectious, there was no way to resist the movement it brought to the venue.

Making the crowd especially active was hit song Gooey. Bayley took to the top of a large stack of speakers, looking down on us as he sang. Who the hell knows what ” Ride my little pooh bear, wanna take a chance ” even means, but the venue became a giant sing a long as he plunged into the crowd, sending girls screaming, in the middle of the song.

( one of these days I will learn to turn my phone the proper way, just not today )
With a set list that included such songs as Hazey, Gooey, Black Mambo and Pools, lighting that was hazy and dark, and music that made you sway to it’s beat,  it was no wonder that the venue took on a bit of a seductive atmosphere. Tulsa was definitely feeling those Peanut Butter Vibes !!

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