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Concert Review: Har Mar Superstar at Club Dada in Dallas

Last Friday, Club Dada in Dallas was treated to Parade of Flesh’s Nosebleed Weekend with Audacity, Har Mar Superstar, and The Coathangers.
With drinks in hand, the crowd was chill with such a relaxed and laid back energy, it was almost as if you were at a kickback with friends… It just so happens that your friends at the kickback are the traveling party that is Har Mar Superstar.

Audacity was the first band to perform, they were electric and got the crowd absolutely pumped. Despite a few glitches with the drum kit, they were an absolute rager. Definitely the perfect buildup for Har Mar Superstar.

After the aftermath that was Audacity, the crowd was ready for the next set. The clock struck ten and the band was starting to set up. Seeing the band bring out the brass instruments was intriguing to everyone in the crowd, lot’s of “ooh’s” and “aahhh’s.” The crowd was invested and zoomed in… Then the band comes in line formation and take their place. Out walks Har Mar Superstar (aka Sean Tillmann) in a leather bomber jacket straight outta the ’80s.

Right from the start, Har Mar Superstar’s energy was magnetic. The opening song was Youth Without Love which bewitched everyone from the start. The beat, the brass horns, the dancing. It was intoxicating and everyone was dancing along.
Anybody’s Game was incredibly fun and lively. Whether it was the wardrobe changes, Tillmann’s dancing, the band’s choreography along with the music, or THAT VOICE… It got the crowd going wild with energy. So much dancing… Even from people who looked too shy to join were moving in their own way. It was hard not to.


There was some somber moments in the set. Tillmann’s cover of I Hope was touching and blew the crowd away with his voice. Hitting all the right notes, the crowd was connected to his words while swaying back and forth.
After the wistful cover, Tillmann then dedicated the next song (How Did I Get through the Day?) to the late Prince. Tillmann being from Minnesota notably still in mourning stated  that it was “a huge fucking deal” and rightfully so. There was so much emotion and sorrow while Tillmann was performing, you knew that this was something so terribly sad and you could just feel the pain he was expressing. It basically reduced me to tears and hits me right in the feels as I re-watch my recording of it.


There was a good mix some older tracks with plenty of new songs from his new album, Best Summer Ever. It Was Only Dancing (Sex) and Haircut were especially fun, there was so much dancing.


The closer was Lady, You Shot Me which shut down the place. No one wanted the set to end, so much cheering and “yasss” to this soulful track, it was almost a church-like experience.

The crowd was left catching their breath from so much dancing but in the best way because we were also left wanting and craving more.
I stated in my review of Best Summer Ever that “the summer party is on and we want to party with Har Mar Superstar“… I definitely want to party with Har Mar Superstar again.

Best Summer Ever is available via Cult Records now, you can read my review (and stream the album) here.

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