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Concert Review : Hinds

WHO: Hinds

WHEN: October 2, 2015

WHERE: Cains Ballroom, Tulsa OK


Hinds, the all girl four pice band from Madrid, opened for Glass Animals on Friday night to a sold out crowd.

I am not usually a fan of all girl bands. I know, it is shameful, but after a conversation with Luke Pritchard of The Kooks earlier this year, I admit I was a bit intrigued and looked forward to seeing them perform live.

And he wasn’t wrong when he told me they were good. Hinds won me over fairly quick ( which will come as a shock to fellow GATRS ). Their music is a leans a bit on the pop side, but they seemed to be able to inject some killer guitar playing and hardcore drumming into their songs.DSCF2244

It is a great live show, the music is fun and catchy, and the girls were fun to watch as they made their way through the  set list. They create a energetic  atmosphere that was infectious as they interacted with each other on the stage and the crowd below them. Their ability to win over the crowd showed early in their set when after a few songs the crowd were dancing and singing along with the girls.DSCF2224

The set  list was short, and the performance ended a bit to soon for the crowd, evident by the shouts for more as they left the stage.


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