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Concert Review: Palma Violets at SXSW

Who: Palma Violets

Where: The Container Bar on Rainey Street. Austin, Texas

When: Thursday, March 19


The crowd for Palma Violets was overall, very enthusiastic. It wasn’t like a few other shows we attended where everyone just wandered in and just happened to be there when the band played. It seemed that a majority of the crowd had come specifically to see Palma Violets. The people down in front were very passionate, dancing and shouting/singing to every song with fresh vigor. I was two rows back, and I still had a pretty good view of the stage. It was my first time seeing Palma Violets, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from their stage presence and setlist. They kicked off their set with energy right away, and Chilli Jesson was the one with the most noticeable charisma onstage.DSCF0256 He was constantly in motion, jumping up onto the drum kit on several occasions and scurrying back over to the microphone to sing his parts. It was completely appropriate for the crowd and the venue, and his energy instantly brought the band dynamic to a more solid level. Sam Fryer was the steady anchor, giving lively vocals and energy throughout the performance. They were definitely one of my favorite performances of the week and I look forward to seeing them again in Minneapolis, in a more intimate venue!

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