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Watch Summer Moon at Lucille’s for SXSW

Summer Moon is a band so fresh that they have yet to release any official new music but they already have a solid following and have even performed five times. They’re not exactly newcomers, they’re more like a supergroup that consist of Nikolai Fraiture (of The Strokes), Tennessee Thomas (of The Like), Erika Snyder (from Au Revoir Simone), and Lewis Lazar (solo).
We got a first taste of the New York based band earlier this month when the advert for Alexa*Chung for AG was released and Summer Moon’s With You Tonight (Blue Room mix) was featured on the ad. The song is incredibly catchy, with an addicting beat, and melodic rhythm that makes you want to strut or dance just like Alexa Chung in her advert. The teaser left everyone salivating for more music from Summer Moon which is why I couldn’t miss them in Austin.

Nikolai Fraiture and Tennessee Thomas.

Summer Moon would only perform twice at SXSW, which is not surprising for a band so exclusive that there’s no released music.
One of those performances would be at Lucille’s which was 21+, badges/wristbands venue only… Unless you’re willing to slip the doorman $10 and have your id (or fake id) checked, you can easily get in. Lucille’s was a home that has been turned into a bar complete with a backyard porch which is outside venue. It was very intimate and ideally perfect for seeing a band such as Summer Moon.

Erika and Nikolai at Lucille's.

Erika and Nikolai at Lucille’s.

I was able to meet up with a few of my friends whom I met up with for the Strokes with in Las Vegas, they were able to watch them perform at Nylon’s SXStyle the day before and from the sound of it, it was definitely going to be a great night.
The vibe was very laid back and intimate, with a cosmic lighting to match. Plenty of blues and purples and flashes of red and green which were the perfect background for Summer Moon. Nikolai even said “This is so SXSW” which made everyone laugh, myself included, mainly because looking around.. It was true.

The Summer Moon sound is a wonderful concoction of Nikolai’s velvety smooth baritone voice being at the forefront along with his well-known power stances and bass slapping, Tennessee’s wicked voracity on the drums is an experience all on its own it’s a palpitating beat that takes off in a ferociousness manner. Erika’s sugary backup vocals and key board sounds equally match her saccharine dance moves, she moves with such ease that is just as intoxicating as Summer Moon’s songs. Last but certainly not least is Lewis on the guitar, the fluidity of not only his quiet confidence of his backup vocals and moves on guitar are hard to ignore, his riffs add a stellar quality to the already meteoric sound of Summer Moon.

After Summer Moon finished their set, we were able to find out that they’re hoping for a summer/fall album release and that besides the song With You Tonight, they have one called Chemical Solutions that I am definitely looking forward to hearing as a studio debut.
Keep on the look out for more on Summer Moon.

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