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Concert Review: Drowners and Foals at Cains Ballroom

As you all know, I have been a fan of Drowners since I first heard their single Long Hair. It’s one of those catchy songs that instantly grabs you and you find it still in your head long after you have finished listening to it. So there were no way I was going to miss my chance at seeing them perform live, especially since they were opening for the Foals, another favorite of mine.

I am sad to say that Drowners did not draw a huge crowd… At first, a lot of Tulsan’s missed a great show but this put me easily toward the front when model frontman Matt Hitt and company took the stage. They came out right away to entertain and entertain they did with their mix of punk meets the Smiths catalog of songs. It didn’t take long for the crowd to realize what I knew coming in to the show that these guys were great. They played thru several songs I had not heard before and I can only hope this was a preview of their debut album, which will be released in January. They were full of high energy and fun and definitely have the potential to push these forward. Of course for me, the highlight of their set came when they sang Long Hair. It got the crowd excited and moving.

Don’t be fooled by Matt Hitt’s pretty boy looks, this kid can make some music. After they left the stage I had the chance to speak to Matt. Friendly and chatty, you would have thought he were just another kid in the crowd watching the Foals, which is exactly where I found him. I went in a fan and left a bigger one and to add to my proof of godliness, the 4 people I went to the concert with had never heard of Drowners and all left singing their praises. Even the hubbie, who is hardcore punk listener. He said would listen to them again, I will remember that and hold him to it next time they are once again in my neighbourhood.

The Cains Ballroom has a bouncy floor, it is built on springs of some sort that helped with the movement of dancing way back in the day when that is what went on in the building. Boy did it move when the Foals took the stage opening with Prelude. It moved with the movement of the crowd, making it hard for some of us to stand still. They did not let up either, going straight from hit to hit, only occasionally stopping to take a drink from one of the many beer bottles on the stage. My husband likened it to listening to a Rush album, where it just seems to play one song continuously. In some ways he was correct, it was music that put you in a trippy mood and you got lost in it forgetting you were in a crowd of people. The concert ended with an encore of Inhaler, that had people literally bouncing off the railing to the beat. All to soon the Foals left the stage, leaving the hazy blue smoke that surrounded them and the crowd in the building before them to clear out.

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