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Concert Review: The Kills at Granada Theater in Dallas

The brilliant pairing that is The Kills delivered a dynamic and mesmerizing show that may or may not, but probably did, shatter everyone’s eardrums. With plenty of stellar guitar riffs thanks to Jamie Hince and smokey vocals and hypnotic moves of Alison Mosshart.

On the heels of their fifth studio album, which was released in June, the Kills are back on tour in support of Ash and Ice (check out our album review here) and Dallas was the first stop on their continuing tour.
As soon as The Kills stepped onto the stage, their exhilarating presences commanded everyone’s attention, they were captivating and completely entrancing. Mosshart began circling the stage as the music kept building and building for song opener Heart of a Dog, then right on cue as Hince plays the first note on the guitar, Mosshart moves and contorts to the music in a seductive yet thrashing way. The songs were sultry and bursting with the energy of bluesy guitar riffs and crashing beats. Mosshart is completely electric all the while never missing a beat and whipping her hair back and forth. It’s an art form that can’t be missed. Did we forget to mention she shreds on the guitar as well as also making the mic stand her bitch, she truly is a rock n roll powerhouse. Definitely not one to be missed is Hince, who is fiery, the way he slaps and plays the guitar… His rock n roll/blues ascendancy is spellbinding. I was fortunate enough to get a real up close look at it and to say that it was rousing and thrilling is an understatement. Their camaraderie is evident and incredibly charming as they often intertwine with each other onstage, they have a rapport that is strong and undeniable.

The whole set was a standout. Tried and true fan favorites, of course, got the crowd riled up and made them happy. Kissy Kissy is from the band’s debut album, Keep on Your Mean Side, and is a seductive rock n roll track that makes you want to gyrate. It transitioned effortlessly into the yet unreleased track Hard Habit to Break, which in total, brought the count to seven songs from their newest LP Ash and Ice (see setlist below). As I mentioned, the duo performed favorites such as Black Balloon, U.R.A. Fever, Tape Song, Sour Cherry, and more.
The whole night was rambunctiously fun and a reminder of how sexy and energetic concerts are (sadly, it’s been a while so The Kills were the perfect welcoming back gig). The encores were the perfect closers because they were vigorous and forceful without being forced frills. The encores included That Love, Siberian Nights, Fried My Little Brains, and Sour Cherry which is the perfect closing track. It’s high-octane energy that had everyone dancing but with the tracks bittersweet lyrics, “g-g-g-go home, go home it’s over. Go, go home it’s over” it was flawless ending song to a memorable night.

Watch some of the highlights below of the duo’s high energy show



Heart of a Dog
U.R.A. Fever
Kissy Kissy
Hard Habit to Break
Impossible Tracks
Black Balloon
Doing It to Death
Baby Says
Tape Song
Goodnight Bad Morning
Whirling Eye
Pots and Pans + Monkey 23


That Love
Siberian Nights
Fried My Little Brains
Sour Cherry

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