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Death Valley Girls “I’m a Man Too”

Menacing LA-based band, Death Valley Girls are a sinister mix of roaring guitar riffs and thrashing punk beats, it’s a very dystopian rock n roll meets seedy Glam. Pair that with Bonnie Bloomgarden and Nicole Smith’s vocals, it adds a sugary yet sharp edge to it.

Glow in the Dark is the band’s second full-length which is out June 10th via Burger Records. Below is the second single, I’m a Man Too. It’s a bit of blues with progression/psych rock and roaring vocals with a matching sound. A definite standout on what is sure to be a brash and catchy album.


Check out Death Valley Girls Glow in the Dark album promo below.

Glow in the Dark out June 10th via Burger Records.

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