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Devendra Banhart “Ape in Pink Marble,” Stream Album

Ape in Pink Marble sounds like it can be the perfect name for a work of art, which is why it seems only fitting that Devendra Banhart picked it for his ninth album.
Banhart once again teamed up with his Mala collaborators, Noah Georgeson and Josiah Steinbrick. AIPM is reminiscent of Mala’s chill ambiance but with a much more brooding vibe to it. It’s delicate and almost a lo-fi understatement that works for him, it’s ballad-heavy with lots of charm.

Trying to classify the album into one certain sound is not simple, the album as a whole is extremely different.
Middle Names is dreamy and soothing acoustic lullaby of a track that is reminiscent of his early work (Rejoicing in the Hands). Banhart’s vocals are paired harmoniously over gently strumming guitar plucking with melancholic lyrics like,“why is the moon so bright? Why are you so nice? See you alone at the Walgreens at night.
Saturday Night is a track about troubled love, some of the lyrics are “you know how to numb the wound, but you don’t know how to heal it. Please don’t love me because, don’t love me because you’re through hating you.
From the wistful Mourner’s Dance to the swooning second track that is Good Time Charlie with lyrics like “sometimes I breathalyze, and he gives the DUIs.” It’s a collective nonchalant thirteen track album that isn’t fussy or overwhelming of sounds and instruments. It has ariose notes of tropicália before it hangs loose again with more gently yet moody melodies.

Whatever the mood or scenario that you have going on in your life, Banhart’s lush voice paired over ethereal sounds and fluttering strings are the perfect soundtrack to any night.


Ape in Pink Marble is out now.

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