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Drenge “Undertow”

Drenge is the gender role breaking band of brothers, Eoin and Rory Loveless. They take their name from the Danish word for “boys,” although it’s pronounced differently. The duo are a post grunge band from Castleton in Derbyshire. Their self-titled debut album was released August 2013 via Infectious Records and it was thrilling, twisted ride of an album.
Now, with their sophomore album, they pull no punches with Undertow which was released today. Undertow is a thrashing embrace of anachronism and dynamic and a tapestry of annihilating guitar riffs and explosive drum beats. Much like Royal Blood, the sound of heavy guitar riffs and the bashing drums of heavy metal/grunge is back and Drenge prove that it’s not going anyfuckingwhere.

Drenge’s nihilistic take continues, the album opens with Introduction, it’s kind of like the quiet before the chaotic, sinister storm. Tracks Running Wild and Never Awake showcase their menacing grasp on life while keeping a, somewhat, dark melody.
Favourite Son reprises the energy of their debut album, it’s incredibly lively and abrasive with pounding drums, angry guitars and yelled vocals.
Standing in the Cold is the exact opposite, while still maintaining that riff heavy sound. It’s a solid and more pensive change-up.
We Can Do What We Want is an adrenaline-fueled Ramones-esque influenced track.
I Don’t Want to Make Love to You is a mournful and melancholic-filled vocals, with spidery guitars riffs, and a reverb-aided bass which sounds like an homage to the Cure. It’s an unexpected change for the duo which makes you keep in mind to never pigeon hold the duo.

Drenge has definitely been a band that is a refreshing and annihilating change of pace and I recommend this if you’re looking for thrashing sound with a mix of laid back yet grim melodic tunes.

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