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Concert Review: Drowners and Temples at Club Dada in Dallas

Dallas is always a fun place to be, especially Deep Ellum. The atmosphere is just raw and alive. If you’ve ever been, I’m sure you understand my affinity for the neighborhood. So when Temples and Drowners brought their North American tour to Club Dada, I just had to be there.

Brazilian band Boogarins were added to the lineup, they kicked off the show with undeniable energy and a psychedelic rock sound. Front man Fernando Almieda was a delight, smiling and jamming on his guitar. The crowd loved the bands burst of energy, there was plenty of moving and dancing around to their lively set.
While Boogarins thanked the crowd it was time to make room for the next band which was New York band, Drowners. Dressed in their staple color, all black everything.

Drowners are a mixture of the Smiths with a bit of an early Strokes sound to them, the GATRS have been fans early on, they have been generating lots of buzz and rave reviews with their debut self titled album which came out earlier this year.

I thought I was ready for Drowners to perform but apparently, I didn’t realize when Matt Hitt walked onto the stage… The girls went into a frenzied tizzy of wild and anxious excitement. I was smack dab in the middle of the unforeseeable fan girl session.

Drowners live set was much more fast paced then the sound of their album, which I loved. All throughout their set the younger fan girls were screaming at frontman Matt Hitt, even at one point the girl next to me yelled, with impressive force I have to say, “Matt flip your hair again!!!” Which made Matt laugh and shake his head no. Some fans were bothered while others thought it was funny and even though I was smack dab in the middle of the some serious moshing and major pogo dancing.

Drowners setlist:

Got it Wrong Way to Phrase a Rejection
Hold Me Down
Watch You Change
Pure Pleasure
People Will Talk
Unzip Your Harrington
A Button on Your Blouse
Let Me Finish
Long Hair
Shell Across the Tongue
Bar Chat

Now it was time for headlining band, Temples to go on next.
They have been touring nonstop since, playing their first Coachella and the guys divulged some info to the GATRS saying they will continue to tour North America this fall which includes Austin City Limits.

I was front and center for this particular set because as soon as Drowners finished, the crowd parted like the red sea… The sea being most of the fan girls who were yelling at Matt Hitt before. Thanks to the girls leaving.
Their loss. I can’t get enough of their psychedelic sound and Motown worthy vocals and of course that Woodstock worthy style.
Their show was almost spiritual, full of whimsical purple lights.

Temples went the Tame Impala way and had jam sessions after most songs.

Temples setlist:
Colours to Life
Sun Structures
A Question Isn’t Answered
Move With the Season
Keep in the Dark
Sand Dance
Shelter Song

The GATRS got to hang out with the guys, who were all just casually hanging out in front of the venue, taking selfies with fans while also loading their equipment to their van.

Thanks to Temples and Drowners for signing my ticket stub and chatting with us GATRS.

Before I go on, I would like to say that there was an undeniable bromance between both bands (for instance when Drowners took the stage Matt Hitt said that “Adam is the best kisser, just so you know” which had all the girls riled up).
As Brodie, Drowners drummer, and I were speaking James Bagshaw, Temples frontman, came over to stand next to us smoking along. James proceeds to lean in real closely and says “give us a kiss” to Brodie, who went halfway and James went the other half and planted one on him. Matt Hitt was egging on the bromance, getting his camera out and taking pictures. The camaraderie among these artists is refreshing to see.

If you have not yet been to a Drowners or Temples gig, what are you waiting for?! They are returning to the U.S. this fall. Most likely I might be at one of them, so see you there.

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