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Concert Review: Drowners at Club Dada in Dallas

Refreshing, magnetic and incredibly uplifting… The post-punk band Drowners played for the second time this year, first time being this past May with Temples, at the intimate venue that is Club Dada in Deep Ellum, Texas. Of course the size of the stage was not going to stop them from providing us with one of the best shows Club Dada has ever offered! The venue managed to fill every corner of the room and perfectly capture the sound of Matt Hitt’s impressive live vocals, Jack Ridley’s enhancing backup vocals and animated guitar playing, and we can’t forget about the volacious drumming and Erik Snyder’s deep riffs and bass slapping moves which added a late 70’s punk show sound all the while the simple but effective lighting of the stage was glimmering on people’s star-struck eyes and strands of hair which was constantly swooping up and down as I was skimming through the crowd. Everyone was singing along in unison.

The Drowners opened with ‘You’ve Got It Wrong,’ a single from their first and self-titled studio album. The song was a great pick to start the show with, it showcased every aspect of the band; creative lyrics, great energy, as well as the dynamic range of both the vocals and the instruments when the song perfectly transitions from faster paced parts into a soothing bridge. ‘Ways to Phrase a Rejection’ followed after and the night got better even better when they treated their fans with a new song. The low-key number ‘Unzip Your Harrington’ was placed at about the middle of the set making it a good “break” song and there was no better way to end the show than with ‘Bar Chat’, one of the most electric songs on the album.

Opening band, Bully, rock the house.

Their chemistry with the crowd and amongst each other, as a band, was obvious. There were a few instances where Jack and Matt towered over the crowd as they sang/played making the crowd cheer frantically and causing some to reach their hands up in hopes of having some type of physical contact. Their vivacious and humble personalities were addicting and reflected good vibes to the crowd making it clear how much they cared and how thankful they were for every single person that came to see their show. Not only did they thank the audience but also the opening new upcoming alternative band called Bully from Nashville, Tennessee for being on tour with them and even pointed out how great the band’s t-shirt designs were and encouraged the purchase of them.

It’s nearly impossible for me to listen to their album without getting an instant rush of energy or wanting dance, jump or at least lightly bang my head and seeing them live only enhanced those feelings a thousand percent. Not even the fact that I was basically at the back of the venue kept my feet still! I left with more admiration for the Drowners not only musically but as performers and people as well. I am definitely looking forward for new music from them and of course, a new tour.

You’ve Got It Wrong
Ways to Phrase a Rejection
Luv, Hold Me Down
Watch You Change
Pure Pleasure
Well, People Will Talk
Unzip Your Harrington
A Button on Your Blouse
Let Me Finish
Long Hair
Shell Across the Tongue
Bar Chat

-Review by Perla Gonzales

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