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Concert Review: Drowners at SXSW

One of the main reasons I wanted to go to SXSW was  to see upcoming NYC band Drowners. They played two shows on Wednesday March 12th in Austin.
I was lucky enough to be able to get into both (21+ venues) even thought it was just a few days short of my 21st birthday. Their first show was an RSVP event, other bands in the lineup were Wolf Alice, Royal Blood, and Skaters. Which I also enjoyed seeing.
Skaters performed right before Drowners and knowing that the two bands are good friends/toured together, I looked around and sure enough the lead singer of Drowners, Matthew Hitt was dancing around in the crowd watching his friends perform.
They took the stage soon after Skaters and gave an amazing, energetic performance. They managed to play every song on their album, mainly because most of their songs are very short and fast paced. It seemed like the small audience was either filled with big fans of Drowners or people who didn’t know who the heck they were. Nonetheless they put on a great show and seemed to be having a real fun time on stage.


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After the show Drowners hung around outside of the venue. I of course got pictures and my album signed. They are really the sweetest guys. I told Matt how I was worried that I might not have been able to get into the show and he said he was glad that I did get in, and he said if we were in England I wouldn’t have had that problem! He thanked me a million times for buying their album and coming to see them, he wished me a happy birthday and gave me hugs.

So of course later that night I had to try to see them again, they also had a show at midnight in Austin. I wasn’t able to make it to the whole thing but caught the last few songs. After they left the stage a band called Twin Peaks came on stage, I have heard of them before and I was excited to see them but even more thrilled that Drowners decided to join  in the crowd, they started dancing to the music and partying.  They seemed to be enjoying themselves so much. I ended up standing by Matt and we were dancing together, there was a small mosh pit, beer started flying in the air and the crowd really started to pick up.  It was pretty crazy but so much fun. After the Twin Peaks, Matt was going around talking to more people and hanging out. I ended up getting a cute Polaroid pic and chatting with him a bit. He even agreed to come outside with me and take a picture with my friend who was not able to get into the venue. Overall, I have to say Drowners are an amazing rock band who just happen to be amazingly sweet.