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Eagles of Death Metal Discuss Bataclan

_IAS1120As I watched the events unfold from Paris almost more than two weeks ago, I was stunned.  I had been to a concert in Paris back in September and seeing the news reports and hearing about Bataclan shocked me. My trip was still too real in my mind to absorb the reports.  Had I been in Paris that night, I would have been at Bataclan because I love Eagles of Death Metal. I wonder what I would have done?

Eagles of Death Metal have released an interview discussing the events of that night.  It’s hard to watch.  It’s difficult to fathom that a concert hall – a sacred space where people of all types come together to celebrate a love for a band – is now in the target of militant extremists who want to tell us what to do, how to live, how to think like them.

Jesse says that the reason so many people died at Bataclan was that they wouldn’t leave their wounded friends behind or they threw themselves in front of someone else to save them.  I would do the same.  I think you would as well. So what should our response be?  I can’t speak for you, but I know that there is no way this is going to keep me from going to live shows and from traveling for live shows.  Every fan who decides not to go to live events is a victory for these people who hate us so much that they are willing to attack us and die in the process if it furthers their scheme. Go to shows. Look out for each other.  Stand on the barrier and sing at the top of your voice. Dance. Be a light in memory of those who died at Bataclan.

In a song about a friend who died of cancer, Frank Turner sings that those she left behind “lived to dance another day, but now we have to dance for one more of us.” Dance, my friends. Long live us and damn anyone who tries to stop us.