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To say that concerts are a hobby of mine really isn’t completely accurate; I completely plan my year around shows and just like my fellow GATRS Teri and Naomi, I have to travel most of the time if I really want to see my favorite bands. Minneapolis has a very vibrant music scene in and of itself, First Avenue is hands down my favorite place to see a show, but sometimes the bands I love just don’t love me back that way. Getting to travel with my girls makes it that much more memorable though and we always end up coming home from the road with amazing stories to tell.
One of my best memories of 2014 was flying to  Dallas, Texas to meet up with Teri and Naomi for a gig at Club Dada just for Drowners. A last minute trip across the country is never wasted when it comes to bands!

I’m either queuing up outside of the venue or hanging on for dear life at the barricade but it’s always exactly where I want to be.