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EP Review: Damn Jackals “That’s It”

Image courtesy of Damn Jackals, photo by Will Foster.

Damn Jackals EP, That’s It, immediately beings with an infectious reverberating that continues throughout the track Stop N’ Cop. This lo-fi track is incredibly catchy with heavy beats and makes for a perfect song to dance to, if you’re like me, with enough liquid courage.

The next track, Rubies, is punchy and hypnotic with Galactica inspired synths that seem straight out of Space Invaders. Paired over an intermix of stellar guitar riffs and vibrating drums over brooding lyrics like I see something shimmer down past these streets in the dark Some people dream but the don’t live their life with a cause These gems and these rubies will shine like a light in the fog You can’t be my person if you can’t get down with the dark Find your way to me and break through the mist of the dawn.

Freezing Blues dips in with a seedy guitar riff and melodic harmonies and then plunges, head first into the chorus… I’m pleading and screaming for mercy oh Lord just ease thee by ending me with your broken sword everything is carnal in the deepest sense of misery it’ s rotten and hot with blood both burning and cold. The chorus is so bluesy and sleazy, in all the right places, that I listened to it at least 5 times in a row.

Napalm is a punch to the face with resounding drum beats and matching vigorous lyrics like “laughing in your face and chewing razor blades, well she’s plagued by shooting up her kerosene all day. Dancing with the dead is merely child’s play, well my baby loves the snapping of your vertebrae, squawking of the buzzards means a brand new prey she been sticking pins in voodoo dolls to ease the pain. Scatter all the ashes drop like acid rain, she don’t fuck around with sparklers, she wants hand grenades..” The guitar riffs and bass are sleazy but in a harmonious way that it reminds me of a lo-fi Queens of the Stone Age and I am here for that.

That’s It is the closing track and is electric straightaway. The guitar riffs are sharp and thrilling and the drums are palpable in this post-punk wonder. The lyrics are just as enticing, “pushing up the daisies just to live all the crazy Cop a condo down in Hades for fun Drive a motorcycle down the Guggenheim and light my cigarette right off the sun, blaze a revolution till we find a solution put the ignorant fucks under the gun Hold you and adore you, ‘preciate you and explore you get our rocks off when the dog day is done.

The whole EP is exactly what you’d want, it’s a musical amuse-bouche, it also leaves you wondering if this isn’t even the appetizer… What’s the main course?? The answer is we don’t know but we sure as hell can’t wait to find out. Listen to Damn Jackals That’s It EP below.

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