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EP Review: The Kooks- Down

The Kooks have finally released their newest EP, Down. Always looking forward to newness from these guys, I downloaded it the minute it became available.
To be honest, I had heard most of it, they had been leaking on songs on twitter over the past few weeks, so I have had plenty of time to have a listen and see what I thought.


I have already wrote a bit about this song when they released it earlier. I also wrote about it when the official video was released, and again when I saw it performed live at SXSW. So it is safe to say, that I love this get up and dance tune, thinking it is the perfect song to release as a single.
It does seem to be new territory for The Kooks, Down is an edgy, groovy, hip hop feast for the ears, that will certainly have you up on your feet dancing along. As with some of Pritchard’s past lyrics, he sneaks in a bit of naughtiness when you least expect it..

” I’m so sexual. It’s all about the thrill. If you want to please me, pleasure me…”

Hooray for Henry…

The drums lead the way in Hooray for Henry, driving the beat of the whole song, then right in the middle, this loud, crisp, undistorted guitar riff unexpectedly makes an appearance, then quickly disappears, not to be heard again. It is a song with a mixed bag of sound and layered vocals, that seem to work and flow perfectly together. It took only one listen and I knew it would become a favorite of mine.

Hold On

Hold on completely blew my mind. Mostly from the fact that Luke Pritchard sings falsetto throughout the entire song. It is something I don’t think I have heard before.
If I didn’t know I was listening to The Kooks, I would swear I was listening to some 70’s R&B.

Melody Maker

Melody Maker is the slowest of the 4 songs on the EP. It is also the song that takes us back to The Kooks of the past. Beautiful heartbreaking lyrics, such as

You know I live my life on the end of your cigarette. The past is gone, but lets not forget. You had me cut down the sky before you let me in. You never really let me in.

The song has almost an acoustic feel to it. It is Luke Pritchard at his best. This is the one song I had not heard before the EP release. It was like he was saving the best and truest song for last. Hands down my favorite.

Like the new EP, or not, Down certainly gives us a new side of the Kooks. One that is a bit edgier and will capture a new audience , but stays true enough to their roots to please us long time fans. It also proves they are much more than a typical Indie Band. They are willing to take chances and give us something new and exciting.

I am looking forward to the new album and to my trip to Lollapalooza to see them once again perform live.

**The Kooks announced this morning that the second single from the now titled, Around Town album will be premiered tonight on Zane Lowe’s BBC1 radio show at 7 pm UK time. Afterwards head over to for all the info on the new album.

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