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EP Review: “Fine Times” Bad::Better

An unapologetic love of pop music is the driving force behind Fine Times’ upcoming EP, titled Bad::Better.

Lead singer Matthew Moldowan has the perfect voice to tie together synth heavy beats and rolling tempos, and the 4 song EP takes us on a very Depeche Mode-esque journey. (Which makes perfect sense considering Dave Bascombe is responsible for mixing it.)

It feels very new wave, while still maintaining pop accessibility throughout. The EP clocks in at just over 12 minutes from start to finish, and the simplicity is very fitting for the punchy melodies. Each track compliments the next, and the seamless transitions from track to track make it seem like one long, danceable song.

Fine Times has also released the second single from the EP, the title track Bad::Better. Listen below:

Fine Times’ Bad::Better EP will be released on October 9 via Light Organ Records.