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EP Review: Navvi; //

Imagine taking a late night drive through a bustling city; windows down, with the anticipation still slowing through the empty streets LA//3AM by the electronic duo Navvi evokes  the energy and the adrenaline of a West Coast weekend, stylish yet subdued enough to flow through a chic lounge.NAVVI2.155445

This Seattle-based pair has constructed their own flavour of synth driven electronica, anchored with punchy echoes and sultry smooth vocals adding fresh dimension to the neon tinged beats.

Producer Brad Boettger and vocalist Kristen Henry have crafted their very first EP  , simply titled // ( Symbolizing the number 2 ). The five tracks contained in the EP are very similar in taste, but each one contains a separate element that sets it apart.

Opening track, Perfect Speed, utilizes the tinge of a guitar that sets the track off almost on a fragile note, but as the song progresses, the vocals and synthesizers  give it the bulk and  airy simplicity to carry through to the aforementioned second track ( LA//3AM).

Each song seamlessly flows into the next, making the EP a very stable and accessible addition to any electronica fan’s party rotation

 To find out more about NAVVI, check out their Facebook

-EP reviewed by Krystal B.

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