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EP Review: Sundara Karma’s “EP II”

The four piece band from Reading, composed of Oscar Lulu, Dom Cordell, Ally Baty, and Haydn Evans have released their sophomore EP entitled EP II. It is made up of four poppy, well-crafted tracks: Vivienne, Run Away, Diamond Cutter, and Prisons to Purify. The band have received nothing, but positive reactions from those who have already heard it, so why don’t you give it a listen as well?

The EP starts off with Vivenne; a track that reminds you of summer with its upbeat guitar and chorus. It’s a perfect tune to complete any playlist and will most likely be heard throughout big festivals one day. The second song is entitled Run Away, and it is unique whilst displaying the creativity amongst these four young musicians. The third track, Diamond Cutter, is my personal favorite due to its guitar, drums, and baseline. This song is one that’ll be stuck in your head for days and will have you singing along after the first few listens. The final song Prisons to Purify, features Marika Hackman and indie melodies that will leave you tapping your feet and nodding your head. The piercing vocals by both Oscar and Marika mixed with the intriguing sounds heard in the background, create a vibe that is almost indescribable and in a way reminds me of MGMT. Overall, the EP is beautifully constructed and is sure to leave you with a new love for Sundara Karma.

Based off what I’ve heard, this band will be playing iconic festivals and stadiums one day, so why not get on board now? If you haven’t given them a listen yet, go ahead and do so below. You can stay up to date with Sundara Karma through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Sound Cloud, and you can purchase EP II on iTunes here.