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EP Review: Tempesst “Adult Wonderland,” Stream Debut EP

Image courtesy of Tempesst.

Tempesst, which is led by brothers Toma (vox/guitar) and Andy Banjanin (drums), and joined by Eric Weber (guitars) and Kane Reynolds (keys) have had a big 12 months. Which, I’m sure it’ll only get bigger with the confident stride forward thanks to their Adult Wonderland EP.

We’ve already heard Waiheke, which was the first single from the EP, and it stood tall as an apt first taster with its luxuriant whirring track that is melodic and almost haunting with its echoing and spidery trancelike hypnotism. It manages to be both the sunny and dark mystical side of psych-rock.

Tidal Wave starts with a roaring crash of melodious riffs goes right into an infectious chorus that you’ll find yourself swaying along to. It’s one of those tracks that are the perfect sunny/beachy soundtrack even if you don’t live along the coastline, it’ll make you long for a beach house in the ’70s.

Toma Banjanin explained the lyrical inspiration behind new single Feel Better: “I wrote ‘Feel Better’ about the mindless rhythm of working all week and then partying all weekend. A lot of my friends and I have done it for years. Each month just blurs into a series of highs and lows. I guess I wrote this song about realizing the monotony of it all. It’s actually a bit sad when you think about it.” The track is a groovy trip from start to finish, completely relatable for anyone in their twenties that use their weekends looking to escape the relentless grind of the work week. It’s a jam that is sure to please.

God Knows I Needed a Muse is a scintillating ending track that dazzles with swanky synths and an opulent ariose of matching harmonies. Listen to the full EP below via Spotify.

The release of their much-anticipated debut EP, Adult Wonderland, Tempesst have announced a string of UK headline dates in December.

December Tour Dates…

6 Shacklewell Arms, London
7 Heartbreakers, Southampton
8 Eagle Inn, Manchester

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