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Favorite Concert Memories of 2014: Naomi Edition

Concert wise, 2014 has been ridiculously amazing. Taking a look back at all of my adventures with the GATRS makes me a little misty eyed that 2o14 is coming to a close, I’ve attended so many glorious concerts and there were so many incredible moments that I was able to witness… Whether it was some tiny tent venue at SXSW, a dingy bar/venue with sticky floors in midwest America, or some massive outdoor venue in London, I welcome all of these nostalgic memories with pure unadulterated happiness.

Take a look back at my crazy year with me.

New York City Cops ain’t too smart
I was fortunate enough to travel to the Cosmopolitan hotel in August to see a band perform together in Las Vegas. It was one of the FOUR times they would perform in the year.
The band, the Strokes, maybe you’ve heard of them..?
I chose this moment because the camaraderie of the fans deserves a much-needed shoutout but also because in a year with so much world chaos, New York City Cops made the room come alive. The Chelsea stage was electric with energy and our favorite kings of New York were gone but definitely not forgotten. Welcome back guys, we have missed you terribly.

As desire passes through, then you’re open to the truth…
The Last Shadow Puppets rise again. In a moment of surprise and happiness for all those who attended the Finsbury park show May 24th, 2014, The Last Shadow Puppets came onstage to sing an acoustic version of Standing Next to Me.
It was everything I wanted and more.

No thank you, dear old uncle Sam!
The Orwells are a fucking force of nature, they’re unbelievable live and their non-stop energy is chaotic and refreshing. Not many shows are lively but the Orwells are a lively bunch with talent to match.
Be prepared for brutal shows and a mental performance from these guys. They’re also on my list of artists to watch.


I got a gun for my mouth and a bullet with your name on it…
Back in May, I travelled across the Atlantic ocean for a show at legendary Finsbury park in London, England. Finsbury has showcased so many legends so it was a real honor to be there for myself.
Since I saw this band perform as the opening act, I’ve been in love with Royal Blood. The duo from Brighton were men of few words during their set but their music was absolutely incendiary. I could not take my eyes of them, watching them thrash on the drums and the wicked bass just murders the beat in the process was a real treat. Definitely another band to watch for.

Fuck depression
Austin, Texas carries a special place in my heart. It’s not only one of my favorite cities to visit but it’s where I’ve had the pleasure and honor to meet such an incredibly talented and might I add, equally as humble, Julian Casablancas several times.
In typical GATRS fashion, I was in town for several concerts in one week, and one of the shows happen to be for Julian Casablancas + the Voidz and I was excited to hear Tyranny songs live but especially Human Sadness.
Human Sadness live is an experience. The poignancy in the song ironically gives you life but also manages to smack you right in the most emotional and vulnerable of places.
I recommend to experience this as soon as possible.

Honorable mention:
Miles Kane
Albert Hammond, Jr.
Tame Impala
The Kooks
30 Seconds to Mars

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