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First Avenue Ceiling Collapses During Show

We have often traveled to Minneapolis to attend shows at First Avenue, we have seen bands such as The Kooks, Catfish and The Bottlemen and more there. It is a legendary venue, even Prince filmed Purple Rain there.

On Thursday night during a Theory of A Deadman concert, the ceiling of the building collapsed, sending rubble and water pipes raining down on the crowd, injuring at least 3 people. The three injured were sent to the emergency room and are in satisfactory condition, with no life threatening injuries.

Our concert buddy Lisa happened to be at the show and told us a bit about the accident…

“I was a bit bummed because I got to First Ave after doors ,I had to work late, so ended up by the sound booth instead of barrier. 
About 5 songs into the set, all at once we smelled plaster dust, heard some cracking noise, and BAM! A large piece of the plaster ceiling came crashing down just to the left of sound booth. Surreal. The choking dust was soon replaced by water as the sprinklers went off.

Lights went on, the band stopped playing and people started to move away. I was taking pics & videos, ignoring the crowd, watching the sound guy hastily cover up the equipment from the rain. The staff started to usher everyone toward the door. Calmly. Then I heard another cracking noise & pulled Mark away from a second large piece that almost fell on his head. So we walked slowly toward the door. Crowd of about 800, everyone was pretty calm. Wondering WTF just happened.

Near the exit, a girl was laid on the floor. It was obvious she’d been hit by debris, face was dirty & bloody & she was unconcious. I and another nurse stayed with her til the medics got there because ppl kept trying to move her, jeesh. I didn’t see any more injured, news said “2 or 3”. Pretty amazing that more didn’t get hurt…. police, fire, ambulance all got there shortly after and roped off the whole street.

First Ave, The Depot Tavern, 7th Street Entry, and the Record Room will all remained closed while they work with City Inspectors and structural engineers to find out the reason behind the collaspe

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