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Florence + The Machine – Bunbury Festival 2016

_IAS9435Bunbury 2016 went out with a bang on Sunday night when Florence+The Machine took the main stage.  Hailing from the UK, Florence and company have seen a meteoric rise since the release of their first album,  Lungs, in 2009.  Success continued withe release of Ceremonials in 2011, and the most resent How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful in 2014.  Perhaps their biggest accomplishment to date was taking the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury last year to fill the headlining spot left by The Foo Fighters when frontman David Grohl broke his leg.  While some people questioned the decision to move Florence and company to the main slot, they proved the critics wrong.  Their performance was the first female-led act to take the main Glastonbury stage.  In an interview with The Evening Standard following their Glasonbury set, Florence said ““It did take us a while to get back into our stride, definitely. That was one of the most amazing experiences we’ve ever had. But you can’t rest on your laurels. It’s not like: ‘We did that so let’s not try any more’. We’re _IAS9299always expanding the performance and adding more to it.”  If Sunday’s performance is any indication, the laurels are safe from being rested on.  Their unique blend of pop and indie rock continues to serve them well and they have been nominated for eight Grammy awards.  It is nice to see them finding more popularity in the US.

Florence’s stage act is very athletic and graceful.  She takes the stage bare-footed and quickly moves from one side of the stage to the other.  As you can imagine, this makes my job of photgraphing her challenging, to say the least.    How someone can do that on a hot and steamy Cincinnati summer night is hard to grasp.  The crowd was very enthusiastic and this was the best and loudest singalong from the entire weekend.  Her physical movements on stage are large and grandiose and while some have criticized her gestures and facial expressions, _IAS9571they are not inappropriate or out of place in a large festival setting.  Closing a festival on the main stage is not a job for a shrinking violet, and Florence is definitely not that.  Here’s wishing them the best as the continue their tour.



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