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Foals “What Went Down”

One of the most anticipated albums finally came out yesterday and after processing and taking all of What Went Down in.. We can give a proper review.

After the success of 2013’s Holy Fire, Foals took some much-needed time off but in the early months of 2015 the quintet that is Yannis Philippakis, Jack Bevan, Jimmy Smith, Walter Gervers, and Edwin Congreave assembled for their newest LP.
The band also went to the south of France to La Fabrique in Saint-Rémy-de Provence. Although the band also recorded there, Yannis states to Rolling Stone that “the songs were almost finished before we went there,” referring to the studio in the south of France (which is a studio that was also home to Morrissey’s comeback album World Peace Is None Of Your Business). Master producer James Ford was also on hand.

The results of their latest LP effort is What Went Down. A snarling, beastly outcome that pushes the seams without sounding contrived. It’s a look inside the bands mind, which is rugged and grim-like almost fire-breathing… And we love it.
Their newest 10 songs are harder and monstrous than their predecessors.
Opener What Went Down starts off quietly… Until the beat drops in and then Yannis’ booming voice lures you in. The song is a predatory and savage, as if it’s going in for the kill. It’s the perfect song to set you up for the rest of the album.
Mountain at My Gates is a stampede with harmonious synths.
Birch Tree is a hypnotic entrancing song that has this west coast or SoCal melody vibe to it.
Give it All is raw, stripping of the animalistic tones but still just and powerful.
Albatross is a quite storm complete with a repetitive beat which is like the rain and at times there is crashing crescendo that is like faint thunder.
Snake Oil continuously builds up and it immediately hooks you in with a spellbinding beat and mesmerizing riffs over Yannis’ baritone.
Night Swimmers is almost a Chvrches-like song with its synthpop but still very much Foals, with its escalating beat.
London Thunder is melancholic and wistful, it would be perfect on a Sofia Coppola movie.
Lonely Hunter is a bit more laid back, with hopeful optimism of “a new day.
A Knife In the Ocean sets off the final stormy destructive cannon but in a progressive way. Sounding like the crashing of an ocean wave. The song is poignant and in an ironic way, with its lost-like lyrics, everything feels at place with this closing song.

What Went Down is out now via Warner Bros and if you haven’t yet purchased this album.. First, why. Secondly, you can hear it in its entirety below via Spotify.

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