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G-Eazy Hits Bunbury

If there is one thing that Bunbury is the best at, it has to be that it has a mix of bands/artists that appeal to everyone, and judging by the the screams of the women in the audience G-Eazy was definitely appealing.  He started the set with “You Got Me,” backed by a screen that had some very interesting words projected behind him.  Sometimes I’m interesred in what an artist was thinking about when they wrote a specific song and the lyrics in “You Got Me” had me chasing down rabbit holes to find just exactly how bitches had him fucked up and it didn’t take long.  In an interview with, he explained “‘You Got Me’ is about fully letting go. It’s about giving no fucks at all. I had flown to Atlanta to start working on the album and I was working with Southside [the producer] down there, and if you’re gonna go work with Southside, that’s the point—it’s to [make a trap record]. On the last album, I did most of the record with one producer. This one, I made the rounds and worked with a lot of different people, but at the end of the day, if it didn’t feel genuine to me, I didn’t do it. I listen to Future as much as I listen to Tribe Called Quest, you know what I mean? There’s multiple sides of my personality, it’s not just all introspective and moody. That might be me on certain days, but like, I’m actually that dude throwing $5,000 in the strip club with my homies, being drunk and obliterated out of my mind and coming home at 6 a.m.”

He was fun to shoot – high energy, lots of movement.  He even gave the photo pit a splash of water on a hot day.








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