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The GATRS Chat with Sundara Karma

 We first posted about you back in February of 2015. Your debut EP, EP1 was just fixing to drop. How have things changed for you since that time?

Hair’s longer, shows are getting bigger and fresher, having less baths and taking more showers, we’ve met Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones.

 Your debut album is due to release in January, we reviewed the track listing recently and noticed that Loveblood and several others
are included on the LP. What was the reasoning behind putting these previous released songs on the debut?

They just seem to work well with each other. They’re made from the same cloth, it’s the same material, one outfit.

 Beautiful Karma, is the translation of your bands name from Sanskrit. As a band do you all believe in the
concept of Karma?

We are all open to the idea of karma for sure but I can only really speak for myself. From personal experience the concept ‘you reap what you sow’ seems to explain ambiguous phenomenon most accurately. This is just the tip of the ice berg with karma though, it gets really trippy. The more you look into how karma affects our view of the world and every microscopic occurrence the more you start to realise how karma is literally our tough-loving sovereign. TRIPPY!

 In your new video for She Said, model Suzi Leenaars is the female lead. Was she hand picked by the band, or was she suggested to you?

I’d been aware of Suzi for ages, she’s like a dystopian-esque bowie meets Debbie Harry with a vague nod to the early Vivienne Westwood realm. It got to like 2 days before the shoot and we still had no female lead so I pushed our label and mgmt big time and they eventually said ‘Ok Oscar, we’ll pay for Suzi to be in the video’. Great success.

 How much creative freedom, do you have when it comes to making your video’s?

As much or as little as we like. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing directors who we really trust, trust is important if you’re handing over the visual representation of your song to the creative input of someone else.

 Tell our readers why they should be listening to your debut when it comes out in January…

Because it will give you true power!! Gone are the days of fast food binges and lonesome sobbing into some pillow you would rather wish was a lover. The album might not be the euphoric destination we’re all longing for, but it’s certainly a stepping stone to becoming a little less lonely.

 Loveblood is my favorite Sundara Karma song. Most likely because it is the first song that I had heard of yours. Of all the songs
you have written, which is your favorite? And which is the most fun to play live?

I’m really loving Olympia, it’s a new track from our record. Loveblood is always a jam when we play live, the kids fucking lose their shit.

 Will the sun emblem find its way onto the new album cover? Does it have special meaning to the band?

It sure will. One day children will be able to recognise the sun logo the same way they can pick out the McDonald’s golden arches. It’s strictly business.

 If you were only given one song to hear fro the rest of your life, no other music, what song would you pick?

Discreet Music by Brian Eno.

 The three essential road trip songs for Sundara Karma?

People Everywhere (still alive) – Khruangbin

I Just Can’t Help Believin’ (live) – Elvis Presley

Ghost Rider – Suicide

 The most embarrassing, or should I say, the guilty pleasure song you have on your iPod or phone?


And lastly: Oscar, being all girls here, we have to know, your favorite brand of eyeliner?

I’ve only ever used No7. It’s the dank.

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