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Get To Know: Femur

You know how when one of your favorite bands are on tour and they are playing no where near you? ( We are talking out of the country here..) So every so often you will get on Instagram and check out the band’s hashtag to watch other peoples video’s of them live? ( Please say we are not the only ones that do this )

Well we found ourselves doing this a week or so ago and came across today’s feature band:


The band just recently opened up for one of our favorite bands, Palma Violets, and with a bit of sleuthing, we also found that they had opened up for another fave of ours Bully. We knew then we needed to find out more about this unsigned band from Sheffield.

We contacted Femur frontman Felix and this is what we found out ……

You are from Sheffield. A few of us have been there, and I am a huge
Wednesday fan. Arctic Monkeys brought a lot of attention to Sheffield
here in the States when they made it big. Could you tell us a bit about
the music scene there?

The Sheffield music scene is very diverse. We have electronic, grime,
grunge, indie, metal etc. There’s a lot here, I think it’s just a general
love of music that comes from Sheffield’s musical background.

Give us a bit of history on Femur. Like who is who, where the name Femur
came from. Secrets on other band members…anything.

We have myself (Felix), I’m on main vocals and guitar. We have Chris
(chrisly manor) on drums, Gilly on bass/vocals and Ed on guitar.

We’ve been going for about 2 years and have had quite a few line up
changes, chris and I have been here from the start.
For instance Gilly was in the band, and then left and sort of came crawling
back haha.
The name just came from lots of arguing, wanting something memorable yet
not pretentious, it doesn’t really mean anything.
One secret is each strand of Gilly’s beard is as strong as a horses leg.

We found you quite by accident while searching things for one of our
fave bands Palma Violets. We also found out you opened for
Bully, another GATRS favorite . Did opening for these bands give you
the exposure you were counting on? How has it helped you as
a band?

I suppose it’s just helped us make relations and to build a fan base.The Bully gig was fun, they’re a nice bunch.
The Palma’s show was absolutely brilliant but really hectic, we had
absolutely none of our own equipment, with out going into much detail as we
couldn’t get into our rehearsal room to grab our gear for the gig. So we
had 1 hour to get some gear or we weren’t playing, so we asked a lot of
favours, we managed it though. All in all it was really fun though, they’re
all really nice guys, we’re hoping to do something with them again.

We have heard a few of your songs on Soundcloud, but tell our readers
about your music and where it fits in genre wise?

I’m not really sure honestly, it’s always a hard question.
People usually say everything from the 90’s alternative scene rolled into
one, I’m pretty happy with that being said about us

Are you working on new music now? Such as an EP or LP?

We’ll be recording a single in late January and planning to release it in
April, so that should be fun.

How hard is it for an unsigned band to get recognition ?

I think you just need hard work and determination, if you have good songs
people will recognise that, if you’re having fun they will too. I think
what’s helped us is just asking bands/promoters if we can do a show, that’s
how we got the Bully and Palma Violets gigs, we just asked and it came off.

You said you just asked to be on Palma’s ticket?
I mean how do you go about that?  Do you already have a standing relationship with promoters or the band themselves?

Yeah I’ve known them for a while, met them at Leeds festival last year and at various party’s in London, so I just asked Chilli and he sorted it out for us.

What are your aspirations as a band?

I suppose for me is just to do as much as I can, music makes me really
happy so being able to give that to a large audience would be great.

Your Facebook says you haven’t been on the music scene long . Do you have
other jobs while you are not being a rock star, or is the band your
main focus?

Yeah we’ve only been gigging for a year. I work in a pub, Gilly works in
Debenhams as well as doing university, Chris is at Aviva and working in a
primary school and Eds doing a nursing degree. So we all have something
going off but we’re all fully invested in the band.

A lot of English bands come to the US, to record, and some to live. Why
do you think it is important to be seen and heard here?

For me it’s that big thing of “breaking America”, it’s such a massive place
that if you’ve made it there, you pretty much sorted.

Are you hoping in the future to come to the US?
SXSW is a great place to start, its where we meet 
 so many of the  bands we love from the UK

And we’d absolutely love to play at SXSW but unfortunately it’s an issue of money etc. With no label behind us it would be difficult to get the funds!.

Do you have any pre-show rituals before walking out on to the stage?

We don’t actually, we have a drink and a cigarette and that’s all really,
nothing too exciting.

Three songs that are a must for any road trip

Oh Comely – Neutral Milk Hotel.
This is the End – The Doors.
Rattlesnake Highway – Palma Violets.

Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love
The Clash – London Calling
Nirvana – Lithium

Anything from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon for me.

Tycho – Montana
Bombay Bicycle Club – Always Like This.
Explosions in the Sky – First Breath After a Coma

If you could take the stage with any band past or present, who would
it be?

Nirvana and Cream we’d say, imagine that? It would be absolutely
incredible! You’d have a good crowd too.
Ed would like to challenge David Gillmour to an epic hour long guitar dual,
we’re trying to make that happen

Is there an unexpected artist or band that you count as an influence
on your music?

I’m really into Future Islands and Grimes as well, some of their hooks are

Velvet Under Ground and Sex Pistols, they were my records growing up.

As a whole we’re all into Fat White Family at the moment.
Chris is into Daughter, the subtle yet effective drums is something he
likes to bring into the band.

Thank you guys for taking the time to answer our questions. We look forward to hearing that single in April! You can keep up with Femur on their Facebook and Twitter.

Listen to Bedangled…

***PHOTO CRED:Ellen Offredy 

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