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Get to Know… Frankie Cosmos

Seven years ago, Greta Kline posted her first songs to the free music sharing service, Bandcamp, as “Ingrid Superstar” (which if you’re familiar with the Andy Warhol world, know that she is one of his “superstars”). She switched to the Frank O’Hara-inspired Frankie Cosmos in 2011 when she began making music in her bedroom. The earliest Frankie releases are still floating around online, but not available on streaming services, the tracks were recorded before Kline had any backing band. The songs are the definition of DIY, very real and raw.

Official album artwork of Next Thing.

Now fast forward to 2016, Frankie Cosmos recently released her first studio album on April 1st. It’s perfectly entitled as Next Thing because that’s exactly what it is for Kline.
It’s her first time in her career that she’s playing alongside other musicians, the band consists of vocalist and keyboardist Gabby Smith (of Eskimeaux), bassist David Maine, and drummer Luke Pyenson. The band perfectly complements Klines voice without weigher her voice down, it’s a match made in harmonious heaven.
Next Thing has the same unpretentious vibe of her early days but shows growth and evolves as an artist thanks to the collaborative power. There’s still a lo-fi aesthetic that’s enchanting but the sound is now elevated and sleek.

Frankie Cosmos is someone to keep your eye on, she has an adept way of putting her feelings into paper, whether it’s heartache, anxiety, or love… She chronicles it into musical artistry.
Check back tomorrow, we have an album review of Next Thing.

Watch her video below for Art School from her first album, Zentropy

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