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Get to Know: Julien Baker

Julien Baker is an American singer-songwriter from Memphis, Tennessee and she is absolutely amazing. She is in the alt/rock band Forrister but decided to also chase after her dreams of a solo career. Sprained Ankle is Julien’s debut album that was released in 2015, and it was very well received. Sprained Ankle is beautifully depressing and I can’t stop listening to it, it is absolutely addicting.

Baker is currently touring the US and has been added to the South by Southwest Music Festival lineup and several other major festivals like Shaky Knees. One of my favorite tracks is Everybody Does because it has that classic Americana meets modern age feel to it and I just love that. Her voice is simply amazing which is why I won’t be missing her set at SXSW. If you’ve not heard of Julien Baker before, check out her music video for Sprained Ankle below. To stay in the know: Follow her on Twitter, Spotify, and give her a like on Facebook.

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