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Get to know: Kudos

KudosToday has been one of those days when I wonder why I ever listen to the radio. I’ve been bombarded with groups I’ve never heard of, and some have been together for YEARS. Where have they been hiding? How am I just finding them now? I’m starting to really see the appeal of creating your own listening experience on Spotify or other radio apps.

One of the bands I discovered was this awesome Scottish group, Kudos. According to their twitter profile, they’re a modern rock band from Glasgow, and from what I can find they’ve been together since about 2011. The band consists of Josh Ladds – vocals, Stuart Polland – guitar/vocals, Calum Campbell – guitar/vocals, Gavin Kennedy – bass/backing vocals, and Ross McEwan – drums. They have the kind of sound I love – driving rhythms without being too heavy or hardcore. No one member seems to be carrying the load; they’re perfectly blended and complimentary across the board. Now if only they had a few more tracks…I’m wearing these four out pretty quick.

To find out more, check out Kudos on Facebook, twitter, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

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  1. Good to see the band getting the recognition that they


    Great photo on their EP Album.