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Get to Know Our Band of the Week: Damn Jackals

Image courtesy of Damn Jackals.

We come across bands a lot through happenstance and serendipity, which is exactly how I found Damn Jackals.. Or rather they found us.

Brooklyn-based Damn Jackals is a 5-piece band that consist of Beau Croxton (singer/guitarist), Willie Mosto (guitar), Paul Truitt (keys/guitar), Forrest Hackenbrock (bass), and James Esposito (drums) along with Mike Goehler (producer). They list their sound influences as early 70’s Bowie, T. Rex, Iggy and the Stooges, and classic punk styles of Johnny Thunders. Equal parts jagged distortion, lush synths, wailing guitars riffs, and Croxton’s fuzzed out vocals. The perfect yin and yang of glossy glam rock and sharp dagger-like post-punk.

They have already shared their video for their track Stop N’ Cop with us and it immediately grabbed our attention. The track is lo-fi wonder with heavy beats and fun chorus to surprisingly dance to. It has whimsy and charm with a crudeness that makes for a well-balanced track with matching lyrics, “well the first time I met you babe you straight up told me to shut the fuck up Oh go and tell it to your daddy and he’ ll throw you some bones cause you’re so stuck up .. Huh? yeah. If you’ ll only be fine when you blow half your mind you just a goner . babe.. babe.. Biding my time with one thing on my mind that gets you sprung up, ohh your so sprung up“. The video perfectly encapsulates the song. Watch below.


Then there’s the teaser of Rubies with brooding, dark romantic lyrics I see something shimmer down past these streets in the dark Some people dream but the don’ t live their life with a cause These gems and these rubies will shine like a light in the fog You can’ t be my person if you can’ t get down with the dark Find your way to me and break through the mist of the dawn. Watch the teaser below.



Beau mentioned to us that their EP, That’s It, is a sampler for their debut album, Crooked Castle (Vol I & II) and it has one more release in store. We for one cannot wait. We also have an interview with Damn Jackals, so check back on Wednesday and get to know them a bit more. Damn Jackals EP That’s It is out now, make sure to listen via Spotify, Apple, etc. Just make sure you listen.

Damn Jackals EP Cover by James Esposito.

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