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Get to Know… Spares

One of the best things about having this blog, is when a band finds you on a social network and shares their music with you. I always check them out, trust me when I saw no band goes unlistened to here, I am excited to hear their music. It’s why I am here…right?

Not long ago Spares  followed us on Soundcloud and I gave their single Don’t Tell a listen. They are a British pop indie band from Liverpool. You tend to hear people say…Oh, this band sounds like so and so, or that band reminds me of this or that band, but after listening to Don’t Tell, no one band really came to mind as being like Spares. The lead singer has a unique voice that I think makes them stand apart from others. Also, I checked out a few photos of the band ( yes, I am a stalker )  and the lead singers look, a cross between early John Lennon and Alex Turner kind of interested me, so I decided to find out more about this relativity new band….

First of all, the usual question… How did Spares come to be?

Well, we pretty much met in high school. Except for Jack, the lead guitarist. We were lucky really because we had a great practice studio founded by Heidi Range from the Sugarbabes. She went to Maricourt Catholic High too. When we think back to the start, it’s mad really. Our lead vocalist, Dean, use to play bass, the now bassist, Shaun, played guitar, our rhythm guitarist, James, was on vocals and we didn’t even have a drummer. Then we asked Matt, who is our drummer now, to play a school battle of the bands with us, and then we got Jack in on guitar as well. It all went from there really.

Liverpool has a great musical history…The Beatles..The La’s..Miles Kane..The name a few. Have any of these bands influenced your music tastes? If not who has?

Yeah, of course, who doesn’t love the Beatles? Especially some one from Liverpool haha. Played a good few Wombats tunes as well. The band is into different music, so our influences range from Blur and Oasis, to the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bloc Party and Ash. But it is always nice to have a bit of local inspiration,

What is Rock and Roll to you?

Well that’s a hard question really.  A few of us are into Zeppelin so we’d have to say 60’s thru to 80’s rock bands. Some of us are into blues music though so we’d have to throw that on in there as well. BB King, George Benson, that kind of stuff.

Every band is put into a category that describes their sound..Alternative, Indie, Post Punk etc…How do you describe your music?

We like to think we have a somewhat different sound. All of our individual songs seem to be able to fit into different genres, but overall we’re pretty indie pop, but with a twist.

You have one single, Don’t Tell, on Soundcloud. It is just enough to get people interested, but you have been playing gigs so when are you going to let the rest of us in on more music?

Yeah, we have a few gigs lined up this winter. Firstly, one on September 13 at the Picket Liverpool. But yeah, we’ve just recorded an EP and we are still adding to it, so our EP launch will be in November. Dates still to be discussed. All we can say is that some tracks have heavy saw wave on them and some have a cello in them.

What do you do with your time when you are not playing music?

Just going out and that really. We go for a kick about sometimes and just live life really. Chill with our main man @Samhewitt_O

You can open for any band past or present at any venue. Who and where?

All the band would say something different, but since I get to write the final cut, I am going to say The Red Hot Chili Peppers at Slane Castle 2003

What album is on repeat at Spares headquarters?

Come of Ageby the Vaccines, Miles Kane-Dont Forget Who You Are, Bloc Party-Silent Alarm and Blur- The Great Escape ( Kudo’s on your listening lads….)

We ask everyone we interview this question…What is the most embarrassing song you have on your iPod or Phone?

Ermmmm……probably Enrique Iglesias Hero. Top tune that though.

If you are football fans…Liverpool or Everton?? Answer this carefully, it may have an outcome on my feature…LOL..joking…joking…maybe….

Haha, Everton most definitely. Jack’s a diehard Everton fan, and all our families are too so…sorry haha ( Ugggg…..No…this is the correct answer in my books )

Complete the sentence…….We are ______________ and we____________

We are the Spares and we beg you don’t cry

Thanks for the fun guys, we enjoyed getting to know you. If you would like more info on Spares check out their Facebook








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