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Get to Know: Sunflower Bean, Listen to their Debut Album “Human Ceremony”

Sunflower Bean band in Lower Manhattan, photo by Brad Elterman.

The GATRS love a good bit of psychedelia. So when I first heard Sunflower Bean last year, it was no surprise that I’ve been obsessed with the New York trio. I heard their single, 2013 last year. The trippy single is hauntingly beautiful and the video (shown below) was shot entirely via iPhone. The video is a homemade cinematic artistry that showcases the band at what seems to be a snowy house in suburbia New York, the band is decked out in sartorial envious outfits while hanging and jamming out while capturing the glittery moments on Snapchat.


The band, which is drummer Jacob Faber, vox/bassist Julia Cumming, and guitar-playing vocalist Nick Kivlen have their full debut album, Human Ceremony, which is out this Friday (February 5th). Sunflower Bean seems to sound like the love child of some of the greats, the psychedelic and hypnotic sounds of the Velvet Underground, a bit of Black Sabbath’s seedy rock, with a mix of Bowie’s glam. Sunflower Bean are a modern-day ethos of the 1960’s. Their sound is a tapestry of rugged lo-fi sounds, heavy and mesmerizing riffs, and pulsating drumming that I can’t get enough of. Just listen to their song Tame Impala, it’s intoxicating.


Human Ceremony is the musical equivalence of a cult-classic coming-of-age indie movie, in fact, it’d be the perfect soundtrack for it. It’s perfect for shutting out the everyday noise of life and it’s easy to relate to the young adult experience. You can stream it below as well as via Apple Music before its release February 5th (THIS Friday).

Human Ceremony is out Feb. 5th via Fat Possum Records.

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