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Get to Know SXSW Band of the Week: Summer Heart

Photo by Felicia Hansson

Summer Heart is a Swedish dream-pop act made up of multi-instrumentalist David Alexander and is usually accompanied onstage by his good friend Frederick Rundqvist. Right after moving to Sweden, David formed Summer Heart in 2009. His first release was the Please Stay EP back in 2011 which gained him a lot of recognition for the well-received EP, amping up his confidence to soon release more effortlessly unique tracks. From several blogs and Summer_Heart_Live_in_Oslonewspapers spreading the word of Summer Heart, many big movie and TV show productions have also played his tracks, which then earned him an even broader fanbase. Alexander released another EP in 2011 entitled My Forever Smile EP and then later on in the year he released debut album Never Let Me Go. 2012-2016 were another very successful four years for him as he released another album an EP, and a few singles. His latest is the Colours EP which was released on April 8th, 2016. The EP has the same, nostalgic dream-pop/lo-fi sound that he is known for creating and is one of my favorite releases yet. David also plays guitar for up and coming post-punk band FEWS with good friends Frederick, Rusty, and Jay. The band are the complete opposite of Summer Heart’s soft, mellow vocals and synths but have raging tunes and are absolutely wild on stage. All in all, Summer Heart is definitely one to watch out for. Listen and watch the official video for one of my personal favorite tracks below called Beat Of Your Heart. Follow him through his musical journey on Twitter, Facebook, and Sound Cloud.


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