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Get to Know: The Britanys

The first time I heard of The Britanys was when I listened to their single Basketholder, then Teri sent me the video link and that was it for me. The music transported me back to high school when I first discovered the new wave of music in the early ’00s.
Call it “indie” or “alternative” or whatever you’d like and while we can thank The Strokes for being bad ass musical trail blazers that still doesn’t mean The Britanys are the new Strokes. Sure, similarities exists but The Britanys have a style and sound all their own and they are sure to have their very own musical atmospheric trajectory.


The Britanys are Lucas Long (guitar/vox), Jake Williams (guitar), Lucas Carpenter (bass), and Steele Kratt (drums) and each member of The Britanys brings their own dynamic talent to the mix.
Long’s memorable and distinct voice leaves a lasting impression. If I HAD to compare, for those who need an idea before a commitment of listening, it would be equal parts Bob Dylan (when he went electric) and early Alex Turner (think Arctic Monkeys’ Whatever People Say I am, That’s What I’m Not era). Along with Long’s anomalous voice, add his smashing guitar riffs. It’s completely entrancing.
Long’s guitar riffs are interplayed with guitarist Jake Williams and it’s complementary and harmonious. Williams’ has this hypnotic swagger to his playing, the way he plucks his guitar strings will shatter many fans hearts (in the best way).
Then we have Lucas Carpenter aka Lucas II and it must be said, this guy can swing a mean bass. More times than not a bass player can be quite stoic or robotic but Carpenter’s moves are subtle and buildup to be absolutely compelling as he brings the booming effect to The Britanys sound.
Last but certainly not least is Steele Kratt on the drums. Kratt is as charismatic as Keith Moon but with a more subtle touch of rowdiness that is just as electric.
Add all of this together and you get an almost nostalgic interfuse and imprecation of sounds that still manages to be fresh.

When describing up-and-coming bands, it’s easy to commit the cardinal sin that most publications do… Comparing bands to each other. While I understand why it happens, throwing words around like “Next Big Thing” or “The New IT Band” but using those buzz words when describing The Britanys implies that they’re a fad or a trendy “Band of the Moment” all of which could not be furthest from the truth. I have every confidence in the world that The Britanys have many incredible things coming their way. They may not be signed YET but we can’t wait to see their galactic music evolution and growth into the likes of those same bands that they are being compared to. It’s The Britanys, bitch.


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