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Get to know… The Castellers

Sometimes a band comes along you just instantly get drawn to , like The Castellers. The first song I heard by them, Jackson in a Barrel, drew me in with its sultry rhythms . I found myself on You Tube wanting more, coming across Five Days Times. Both songs put me back to my childhood, listening to records with my parents in the lounge room. Their list of influences on their Facebook page are impressive, The Doors, The Who, Paul Weller. I could hear these past influences in the songs, but don’t let this discourage you into not listening, thinking that the Castellers are just rehashing the past…they are not. Their music is fresh and modern, but it respects and takes cues from their influences, much like Oasis did back in the 90’s.

I wanted to know more about the Castellers, so I contacted them and had a nice chat about three of my favorite things..Music..Mods..and Football….

Describe Castellers in three words…..

Psychedelic Garage Monkeys

Do you prefer being in the studio or on stage

Stage without a doubt, when you smash a gig there’s no feeling like it, it’s beautiful, like coming up. It’s not like that every time but that makes it a bit more special. We do enjoy recording but it’s different, a drawn out affair.

Being a bit of a writer, I get ideas at the strangest times. What is the most random place or time you have thought of lyrics…

Ryan’s predominantly our lyric man, he’s on it all of the time, that’s what he’s about. I can’t think of any time or place that’s unusual but I do get pissed off when I think of somethin at 4 in the morning & I have to get up.

Do you have any strange pre-gig rituals you partake in….

It’s more of a balancing act than a ritual, we like a drink before playing, it has gone wrong in the past so we have to be careful. But we just listen to a few rock n roll numbers, have a drink & a smoke & a laugh & we’re away.

What album is on repeat at Castellers headquarters right now…

‘Nuggets’. It’s a collection of rare 60s garage, psyche & mod bands. Top banana.

You had a gig in Sheffield on the 30th…tell us how that went….

Was really good thanks. It was at a new venue in Sheffield, the promoter had just started this Mod night & asked us to play. Was busy & we played a pretty tight set. Most important thing was that we enjoyed it & people we spoke to afterwards enjoyed it, sterling stuff.

Your Facebook page says one of your influences is 60’s Mod. Mod’s seem to be on a rise right now with Kane and Weller leading the pack. What does Mod mean to you…

Well it’s something that’s within you I think. I was into it before I knew what it was, the haircuts, the clothes, the music… it’s all shaped by a way of thinking, with love, style & soul. Once your into it you see it everywhere, Britains greatest ever sub culture.

Sorry I have to ask….Go Go Girls? Are they out there still?

Not enough let me tell you, but you spot them every now & then. There are a lot of girls around who are into that 60s fashion at the moment though, they stand out a mile because they’re dripping with style.

Your music influences are impressive. What got you heavily into music of the past as opposed to what is happening now?

Oasis were my first love, I think that’s the case for a lot of lads in their 20’s. They would always sight bands such as The Stones & The Beatles as influences. It just grew from there really, it’s exciting when you discover that there’s a whole catalogue of bands you’ve never heard of from decades ago, that have produced such fuckin good music.

I am a big football fan. What are your predictions for the Premier League this season?

Well, we have an Everton fan (me), Man Utd fan (Ryan), Liverpool (Paul) & a Sheff Wednesday fan (Neil). Since I’m doin this interview the predictions are as follows;
Man Utd – 5th & Moyes to be sacked by Christmas.
Liverpool 20th & the club to go into liquidation.
Wednesday to get promoted because I like Dave Jones.
Everton 4th.
Job done.

(Being a Man Utd fan I laughed at the answer, but I totally see Moyes having trouble as we are use to winning with Fergie)

You can open for any band past or present. Who and where?

The Stones in the late 60s at any venue. The buzz around their gigs must have been different level. Maybe even The Stone Roses at Blackpool Empress Ballroom, legendary gig.

Why the move from Liverpool to Sheffield?

Well me, Paul & Kieran are from Merseyside & Ryan’s from Manchester. I moved to Sheffield last year just for a change of scenery so we’ve based the band here. Neil’s from Sheffield & joined after we’d set up here.

The question we ask everyone we interview…what is the most embarrassing song on your iPod or phone

The 1975 – Chocolate, fucking wank song. It’s there for a reason though & it’s a very long & strange story.

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