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Get To Know: The Happy Few

 The Happy Few began at the beginning of 2016. It is the usual story, they meet, they formed a band, they learn a few songs, 2 to be exact. Knowing only two songs did not stop them from going out and playing a few impromptu shows, mostly Open Mic Nights in around London and Bristol, bringing the house down with their  unique Bluesy sounds each time.

With the offer of several real gigs, they knew they had to buckle down and form a solid band, which they did, and recorded their first two-track demo, and launching their social media sites, Facebook and Soundcloud.  The band then found themselves gracing some of the most prestigious stages in London, including a packed out show at the legendary Troubadour Club. Not bad for a few months of hard work!

Their first single was released in June of 2016, and then they left for Sweden in October to work with Grammy Award winning producer and engineer Stacy Parrish. As of  now, The Happy Few are busy working on their debut EP, which should hit sometime this coming summer, but for now, as we wait…we have their second single and video , Running On Empty.

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Running on Empty begins with the  haunting spoken words ” the worse pain is when something dies inside of you, and you are still alive”  then grips you with hypnotic guitars and dark vocals, the perfect background for a song that deals with depression and loss. Frontman Alex Wilshaw shared this about the song:
“The song deals with loss and depression, which alongside mental illness in general, still seems to be an uncomfortable subject for people to talk about in today’s “perfect” world. You see someone on the street and can make a very quick judgement on the kind of person they are from first impressions. However, who are we to say what’s going on in their minds or what they are fighting through to get to the end of the day?”
Based out of Bristol and London ,The Happy Few consists of.. Alex Wilshaw ( Vocals/guitar), Jai Widdowson Jones  (Drums), Mark Goudswaard ( Guitar) and Chris Axe (Bass).

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