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Get to know… The Sheiks

We find music in some odd ways here at GATRS, but it even came as a surprise to us when we found this on Instagram. The Sheiks are an alternative band from Oklahoma City, their music is modern alternative and takes cues from The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys.

Living not far from either of us, we had to check them out for you. What we found was, not only do these guys have an awesome sound, they also have a wicked sense of humor……
  First of all tell us a bit of back history on the band, like how you got together and all that nonsense…

It was a long and mundane junior year for us, I’d think we would all agree. I remember initially contacting our bass player out of shear admiration of his wardrobe, I figured, “If we don’t end up writing any alt rock gems, at least he might lend me his Ben Sherman blazer.” It was pretty much a crap shoot from there,I recruited close friends Brett Scott on drums, and Nick Rohleder on lead guitar. Being the creative genius I am, everything worked out.

  Which bands influenced your choice of musical style?

I think we would all agree, growing up during the early 2000’s bands like The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Kings Of Leon, The Cribs, The Libertines, and Interpol all had major influences on us. There was a lot going on and some great tunes being put out. I’d definitely say the garage rock revival is a pivotal influence on our style, throwing in some minor eighties sensibilities. Who doesn’t love The Cure?

We met you guys on Instagram. Do you think social media has played a large part in your success?

It certainly scored us this interview! Social media has broadened our spectrum of listeners drastically. It’s refreshing that a remedial task like “taking an instagram” can turn thousands of people onto your tunes. It’s yielded us some killer opportunities.

Having played several live shows in the past, do you have any strange pre-show rituals?

We could tell you…..but then we’d have to kill you.

  You can open for any band in any venue. Who and Where?

There are rumors of an upcoming *NSYNC reunion. Madison Square Garden perhaps?

Who is in charge of lyric writing? Do you ever change the lyrics up while you are preforming live?

I usually take care of the lyrics. This question actually hits home pretty hard for us, we applaud your diligence. One tune we periodically open with called Violet Sun never quite got any lyrics. There are varrying opinions and accounts of how the song actually goes, moreover what the hell “Violet Sun” even means….

There has been a lot of controversy of music sharing. Some bands hate the fact that their fans download and share their music, while others see it not as a problem, it is a way to reach a bigger fan base. Where do you stand on this issue?

We love having our music on Soundcloud, I think Spotify gives it artists 6 cents for every 1000 plays? If people are listening then we have done our job.

Your single Tennessee is now up on iTunes,how is it doing? Where do you go from here? Is there a EP or LP in the future?

Way better than we thought it would. Tennessee is so choice, so incredible infact we decided it would be the first single off the EP, which should be released as soon as I get my pay check.

 Any upcoming shows the readers should know about?

Not at the moment, but readers can get updates at or via instagram @thesheiks!

Lastly, a question we ask everyone, be honest, we wont laugh to hard, but tell us the most embarrassing song you have hidden on your iPod or phone..

Love Fool by The Cardigans, none of us are embarrassed though. We almost covered it several times, but that’s a different interview.

 To find out more about The Sheiks check out their Instagram and Facebook:


Their latest single Tennessee, can be downloaded on iTunes. Keep these guys in the back of your mind, because we think you will be hearing a lot from them in the future.

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