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Get to Know: Wooing

Image courtesy of Wooing's official Facebook.

Sometimes there are band names that are just so perfectly fitting, Wooing happens to be one of those bands. Their enchanting and bewitching music woos you like sirens bewitching sailors.
Their songs are a dripping kaleidoscope of psychedelia but with a goth-like almost Victorian beauty to it. It’s both whimsical and an eerie mosaic of sounds, perfect contrast of light and dark.

I found myself enchanted with Wooing since at first heard their song Tear World, so I was more than happy to Chat with Rachel Trachtenburg (guitar/vox) and get to know more about this captivating band.

You’ve been involved in music for basically all of your life. You were the drummer for your family’s band, The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, and you were also in SUPERCUTE! where you opened up for Kate Nash… What drew you to Wooing?

Rachel: This is the first band that I’ve had were I feel like I’m finally an adult. Growing up on the road was an incredible experience, music is what my life has always revolved around. Wooing came about at a time when I was really looking for a way to express myself on my own. The bands really developed since we first started and now is very much a collaboration though. Wooing is what I’ve always wanted have as a band. We work so well together as a band and are very free to express ourselves within that.

Wooing is such a contrast of whimsy and eerie, light and dark… Who are band influences to your sound?

Rachel: I love Helium, Quasi, and Led Zeppelin.
Rosie is a huge Beatles fan. JR loves classical music and Van Dyke Parks… So it’s really all of the above! I get a lot of inspiration from films. Classics like Willy Wonka and Alice in Wonderland have given me a lot of inspiration in lyrics and voicing

Wooing’s music is multifaceted, your newest track, Tear World is more than just a doleful psychedelic song… The lyrics are inspired by the tragically memorable documentary Blackfish. Are most of your songs inspired by activism?

Rachel: A few of them are. We have a new song called Rats, it’s about animal lab testing. We have one about the environment too it’s called Tress and is almost 7 minutes long hehe.

The behind the scenes of the writing/recording process is never really as glam as it seems but it’s essential, how is it for Wooing band?

Rachel: It’s actually pretty ideal. We rehearse on weekends and write songs throughout the week. We’ve been in the studio recording which has been amazing. I love the recording process.

How do you fight back against the stereotyping of being in band, that happens to be predominantly female, in the music industry?

Rachel: Just work hard and don’t let anyone get you down or second guess what you want. The industry is changing and the world is more aware.
Support each other! Never be afraid to reach out to someone you look up to

Your bands image is very much after my own heart, how does fashion come into play for the band?

Rachel: aw thanks!
It’s pretty natural. Rosie and I like the same 60’s babydoll meets 90’s grunge. I like everything to have flowers on it pretty much, or be satin.
I designed our logo and have done all of our band artwork for posters and ep cover. It all just kinda comes together

In one word, describe Wooing band?

Rachel: Psychedelic

What are some of your favorite guilty pleasure artists/albums?

Rachel: Weezer is one and Avril Lavigne on my worst days.

Most embarrassing song on your phone?

Rachel: Bad Things by machine guy Kelly. I’m a sucker for that occasional top 100. So embarrassing.

What’s in store for Wooing, not only for the rest of 2017 but, in the future?

Rachel: We are doing a residency at Pianos for May. It’s starts so soon (May 3rd). I’m really excited for it. We have a lot of new songs! Our EP release show is May 10th there. Eeeeeep!!!
I wanna tour this year and work on an album. Just keep writing and letting the music grow

We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Wooing and how they will continue to flourish. Until then, if you’re in the NYC area make sure to check them out during their residency at Pianos starting May 3rd.. That’s today!
Get to know Wooing more, follow their Facebook and Instagram. You can also listen to their EP via Bust.

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