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Get to Know… Years and Years

Years and Years album artwork for Communion.

Most people who know me, know my shameless love of 90s R&B/Hip-Hop, so it’s no surprise that I’ve been recently infatuated with the delectable tunes of Years and Years. They are an infusion of R&B meets pop synth goodness.

Olly Alexander (vocals. You may recognize Olly, he was in Skins and Belle and Sebastian’s movie God Help the Girl), Emre Turkmen (synth and beats), and Mikey Goldsworthy (synth and bass) make up London trio Years and Years. They already have a number one single under their belt, as well as a few EP’s but they recently added BBC’s Sound of 2015 as well as the 2015 Woodie Award for Artist to Watch. Needless to say, expectations for their debut LP Communion is pretty high. The debut is set to drop June 22nd.

Ask Years & Years for their influences and one is hit with various things like Flying Lotus, Gus Van Sant, Anne Carson, Edward Hopper and Phillip Lorca diCorcia. It becomes clear that they have a shared obsession for duality in their art and capturing moments. For instance on the track Real, it’s melancholic, it’s both joyful and sad.
Also like in the lyrics behind Take Shelter, it further emphasizes the very point. “I was in a relationship that ended badly,” he explains, “the song is written about that thing you do when you go back to someone and you know it’s wrong and you shouldn’t, and it’s going to end badly, yet somehow you get solace even from knowing it’s going to fuck you up.” It’s what band member Mikey describes as music to make you “cry and dance.

Years and Years performed at SXSW at Blackheart on Rainey St. on Wednesday March 18th right after Catfish and the Bottlemen and right before Circa Waves.
The guys filled the room with their infectious R&B meets electro-pop ’90s jams. It’s not difficult to see why there is so much buzz about this trio. Years & Years are carving out a place for themselves, it’s pop with a twist of heartbreak and glittery blend of dance that come together in an anthemic infusion that is too good to pass up.

The album’s track list contains five previously released EP tracks (Real, Desire, Take Shelter, King, and Memo) plus eight brand-new songs.
Check it out below:

1. “Foundation”
2. “Real”
3. “Shine”
4. “Take Shelter”
5. “Worship”
6. “Eyes Shut”
7. “Ties”
8. “King”
9. “Desire”
10. The mysteriously untitled “Track 10”
11. “Without”
12. “Border”
13. “Memo”
14. “1977” [DELUXE EDITION]
15. “Ready For You (Acoustic)” [DELUXE EDITION]
16. The also mysterious, also untitled “Track 16” [DELUXE EDITION]
17. “King (Acoustic)” [DELUXE EDITION]

You can pre-order via iTunes or physical copy through Years and Years’ online store here

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