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5 Best of… “Gotcha Covered” Marilyn Manson

We are having a bit of a Marilyn Manson “watch” in the Oklahoma city, where I live.
The God of Fuck, as he  use to call himself, is in town filming scenes for his latest movie, Let Me Make You A Martyr, where he is playing Pope a “calculating hit man.” He has been showing up to all sorts of strange places while here, for instance, take Sunday at Skateland. I am not sure if he was filming a scene or just went to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon going in circles with the local kiddies.


He is also sticking around long enough to put on a concert at the Brady, April 29th (more on that later).

So this month I am extending  my usual five best and combining it with Gotcha Covered and featuring Manson’s best cover songs..because Marilyn has some great ones.

#10. Golden Years” David Bowie

Manson recorded Bowie’s hit during the Anti-Christ Superstar period and it later appeared on the Deadman on Campus soundtrack in 1998
#9. Highway to Hell” ACDC

Manson recorded ACDC’s Highway To Hell for the 1999 Detroit Rock City Soundtrack.

#8. Surrender Cheap Trick
In 2001 Manson appeared on MTV’s New Years Eve and performed a one time only performance of Cheap Tricks iconic hit.
#7. The KKK Took My Baby Away The Ramones
This song appeared on We’re A Happy Family: A Tribute to the Ramones. Manson slowed the song down, making it emotional and mournful. It was actually recorded during the Holy Wood days and used as a B-side before hitting the Ramones tribute album.
#6. Working Class Hero John Lennon

Manson has been known to use several Beatles songs as intro songs to his own while performing live but he recorded Working Class Hero by John Lennon and used it as a B-side to both Disposable Teens and Fight Song. It is Marilyn with just his guitar giving us a rare minimal performance.
#5. Sweet Dreams The Eurythmics
This song was released on the 1995 EP, Smells like Children. It was the only single from the EP, the other songs were previous B-sides. The song, which was produced by Manson and Trent Reznor, was first performed at release parties for their debut album Portrait of an American Family.
#4. “Your So Vain” Carly Simon

The cover of Carly Simon’s 1972 hit was released as a bonus track on Manson’s 2012 album, Born Villians. Manson brought in Johnny Depp who laid down the drum tracks and played the guitar on the song.
#3. “Suicide Is Painless” Johnny Mandel

If you watched TV in the 70’s or you are a watcher of old reruns, chances are you have heard the opening song to the hit show M*A*S*H*. Many people do not also realize it was a hit song in the same era. Manson slowed it down, making it an eerie hymn. The song appeared on the soundtrack to the movie Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows in 2002.
#2. “Personal Jesus” Depeche Mode
Manson covered the 1989 Depeche Mode song for his greatest hits album, Lest We Forget-The Best Of. The song may have been publicly criticized by Trent Reznor  for being to close to the original, but it remains one of my favourite covers by Manson.
#1. “Tainted Love” Gloria Jones
Tainted Love is my favourite Manson cover, not only do I like it better than the 1964 original, I like it better than the 1981 cover by Soft Cell. The song was originally featured on the Not Another Teen Movie soundtrack in 2001. Not only is the song one of my favourite’s by Manson, the video is one of the best. Also shot in 2001, it fits perfectly with the movie the song is featured on. Manson had this to say about the Philip G Atwell directed video….” ….I really felt the music world needed something a little less serious now…”

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