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Concert Review: HAIM at House of Blues Dallas

I have always been one for girl power so when I found out that HAIM were going to perform at the House of Blues in Dallas I had to make sure to be there.HAIM at House of Blues Dallas, Tx 4/24/14

When it comes to shows, I am one of those crazy people who shows up early to wait in line at the venue. Sure it has its ups and downs, like a long periods of queuing time or getting confused for a homeless person.. Which has happened several times.

The sun was blazing as I waited for two of my best friends to arrive from their work. The anxious part of any concert is the waiting but I have to admit, the queuing can be one of my favorite parts because you get an opportunity get to know people in line and swap gig stories as we all wait for doors to open. I got to talking to the three people who were behind me. We bonded over Arctic Monkeys, SXSW, Temples, and traveling to gigs. Music is amazing like that, it just has a beautiful way of bringing people together.

My friends finally show up before doors opened and that’s when the blood starts to pump and the rush of adrenaline starts. We get to the stage and barricade was secured straight away, so now all we had to do was wait.

Opening act, Shy Girls, took the stage which ironically, were all guys. They had people slow jamming along to their mellow 30 minute electro-based R&B set which ended with Brandy’s Sitting Up in My Room.

It was finally time for HAIM to take the stage.

The setlist:
If I Could Change Your Mind
Oh Well [Fleetwood Mac cover]Honey & I
Days Are Gone
My Song 5
Running if You Call My Name
Don’t Save Me
Este and her infamous bass face got the crowd riled up, she expressed her love for the crowd while simultaneously asking to do ‘some major ass shaking.
Danielle slayed on the guitar, proving she has killer chops. It’s no wonder she toured with Julian Casablancas on his Phrazes for the Young tour.
Alana, also known as Baby Haim, showed Dallas some love by excitedly showing off her new cowboy boots that she got from ‘Wild Bill’ and thanked the crowd by saying “it’s amazing to go from Trees to here.

XO [Beyoncé cover]
The Wire
Let Me Go

HAIM finished Let Me Go with an energizing four-part percussion breakdown that turned the crowd into a well-deserved frenzy. Even those who were in the seating/balcony were on their feet.
The show was energetic, everyone was dancing and singing along especially when the girls showcased their killer talents.

There was so much dancing and singing along, I definitely recommend seeing HAIM live, they do not disappoint. There’s an undeniable amount of energy and talent, not saying for girls because that’s bullshit. They have talent as full-blown artists.

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