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Get to Know: How My Love for Newcastle Turned into an Interview of Trampolene

Music comes to us in many ways, at times it is rather strange how we actually find music we like. This is a tale of one of those times.

I am an Anglophile. It comes naturally to  me. I had an English grandmother and a Welsh grandfather. I married a sometimes kilt wearing Scots-Irishman. When we travel, we seek out the most English or Irish pubs in the area. We have a favourite one in the city we live in, it is run by Betty, a lovely woman from Liverpool. Because we eat only fish, we always have a huge plate of her fish and chips with mushy peas while there ( truth is, I’d eat this even if I did eat meat, my father has been forcing it down me since I was a child ) My hubbie washes his fish and chips down with Guinness or Jameson, I choose Boddingtons or Newcastle, Carbombs are always dessert.

In fact, the only beer I will drink is either Boddingtons or Newcastle ( Don’t judge). I prefer vodka. Being in Tulsa makes a pint of Boddingtons or Newcastle a treat, it is not easy to come by. I can only think of one other pub in town that serves it, and just a few liquor stores that will actually have it in stock. It can always be found next to the Guinness in the Hamilton fridge tho, should you ever drop by.

So what does this have to do with music? And where is this interview I was talking about? I am getting there, I promise..

We find a lot of bands from being on Twitter. They will either follow us, or someone has tweeted about them. We always go and check out their music, it is what we do, and if they are good, we want you to know about them also. Some times tho, a band will fall thru our cracks, we are busy when they follow and we tell ourselves we will go back and listen …well you know how that can sometimes go.

Such was the case with Welsh band Trampolene. I had listened to one of their songs, well not a song, but a spoken poem, and loved it, telling myself I would get back to them, but sadly I was pulled into other directions and never got there.

A few weeks ago, November 3rd to be exact, I had a unusal free day and was on my computer working on a blog post and had twitter up in another window. Toggling back and forth between the two, this tweet caught my eye..


Naturally I had to have a look and listen, Trampolene had written a love song to one of my favourite beers, that is the way to get my attention! To make an already long story, short….the song is beautiful,  simple, with only Jack’s voice and a piano,  tho not about Newcastle, the video is also beautifully simple and fits the song perfectly. I checked Trampolene’s other songs out, I loved them almost as much as I love a good Newcastle , so I contacted the band and their my interview

So, check out our interview with Jack below, and then go have a listen to their music, or go listen first and come back and read. It is up to you, but when you listen, get ready for some in your face guitar driven music, because Trampolene will bring it…

Hi Guys! We recently discovered Trampolene and are loving your sound. We have done a bit of research on you, but would love for you to tell us a bit of back history on the band, such as how you all got together….

Well it”s quite a long one, Wayne & I (Jack) met playing schoolboys football together. Wayne was the unusual combination of being a punk who was brilliant at football, which blew my mind. I was even more blown away when I saw how hairy his legs were. I stayed over his on weekends for toast eating contests & an education in Rock’N’Roll. I met Kyle, Mr. Willams! A few years later in school. That was after we had gone through more drummers than Henry the 8th had wives. He was a classically trained pianist who smashed the drums like a animalistic beast. Another great unusual combo that blew my mind again. It’s always been us three. We moved from Swansea to Hornsey (in north London) and lived in a flat, where we turned our living room into a rehearsal room, and defined Trampolene. 
Journalist Pete Paphides based his Fresh Thinking For Music Education lecture on the band, assuming you watched it, what were your thoughts on what he said?
It was very flattering and a lovely surprise. It’s hard to comment on something someone like Pete has said. I just keep writing and moving forward.

Do you think there is a difference in the working class band and the music schooled bands and could you explain that here to us?
Everything effects everything to my mind, so there must be difference. I wouldn’t like to say whether it makes the music better or more meaningful. That’s immeasurable. But what you can measure is time. Maybe if we had parents who could pay our rent, so we could spend all day practising or have money to promote ourselves, things would be different. But that wouldn’t make it what it is. So it’s hard to say. I’ll certainly hate queuing for things, and only the poor have to queue.

Jack, while I watched the Paphides lecture on You Tube, I noticed he mentioned you have Chrones. I have battled with it for most of my life. I feel we could have a huge long chat on that alone, but I will spare the readers LOL. I do however have one question. Us girls, we travel  sometimes on week-long road trips to see and interview bands quite a bit. They have learned over time that I have to starve myself all day in order to stay put to see the whole show and the mapping out of every public toilet along the way, it has become a bit of a laugh with all of us. Does your Chrones affect your touring any, and if so how have you learned to deal with it?
It’s always nice to meet a fellow Crohns Buddy. A huge long chat will be had one day! Wow, well, It does affect me, yeah. I have learnt to deal with it through diet and transfusions. I don’t drink or smoke, or eat any roughage or any fibre. I have to be quite disciplined or I’d end up in all sorts of trouble, which would make touring impossible. I go for a transfusion every month at the Royal Free Hospital. Great people there. 

You have a new song out New Castle Brown Love Song. Being the emo song lover of our group I am loving it! I can totally visualize someone thinking all these things over a pint when I listen to it. The video is very simplistic, could you tell us the concept of the video and how it came about?
I loves a bit of emo too. No worries. The guy in the video (Dean Fragile)  is one of my friends. I find him fascinating to look at! His image matched the song to my mind. We asked him if he would be up for being in the video – That maybe we could get some make up on him to make it look like he was crying, But he didn’t need it. As soon as we started filming he just cried and cried. It was an EMOtional day. 

I am also very fond of Artwork of Youth, tho not an actual song. Is there a reason you spoke instead of setting the words to music?
Yeah, I suppose I felt that was the strongest way of displaying the work. Bare, honest and vulnerable. There are plenty more poems to come, including a special Christmas one in December that will be on YouTube.

Have you gotten any odd requests from a fan while speaking to them?

Nothing that odd, just photos and stuff. Actually once someone asked if they could have my trainers so I said yes and gave them away. 

What is the one thing you insist on having while you are on tour?
Rowntrees Randoms! 
Does the band have any pre-show rituals they partake in before hitting the stage?

Sorry to disappoint, but we don’t. Actually maybe we do. Wayne has to go for a cigarette before we play otherwise after three songs he starts gasping for a smoke. He has tried a nicotine patch but it’s not the same, he just got into the double hit of smoking and wearing a patch.

When it comes to creating a song, does the music come first or do the lyrics?
I usually have all the lyrics around me. So it’s usually lyrics, although sometimes it will be built around a riff.

What is the most memorable gig you have had to date?
Supporting Carl Barât – his new band the Jackals are brilliant. Other than that It would have been our first gig in France, also our first festival. We couldn’t believe that people were carrying our gear for us and knew he we were. The place was packed and everyone went mad. 

I know that each band is different so we ask this question a lot, but does the band prefer the studio or performing live ?
Live, we are a live band through and through and through. Our first three singles were live! When people see us live that’s when we hopefully win their hearts.
What do you want to accomplish as a band..long term?

Everything. We want it all and we are not scared of saying it. All doesn’t mean money and cars. It means great music and lots of fans. 

  I steered my friend Krystal to your music recently and she has asked me to ask you about her chances of seeing you at SXSW. Are you hoping to be able to come to the US and perform, I know from many bands this is a big expense and seems to be difficult.

We would love to come to SXSW. But I don’t even know how that happens. Maybe that’s something we can look at. We have a lot of fans in America and we have never been. We will start saving now.

  And finally, we ask this of everyone we interview…tell us the most embarrassing ( or guilty pleasure ) song you have on your iPod or phone..

Candle in the Wind – Elton John


 If you would like more info on Trampolene , or to listen to more of their music, go to their facebook.
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