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Join The Revolution… Our Song Of The Day: The Blinders “Brave New World”

Yesterday, here in America, we celebrated Indepence Day. A day when we cook out, drink beer and blow crap up with fireworks. We do all of this to celebrate our freedom as Americans. Two hundred and thirty so years ago when we were still under British rule, a few people did not like the fact that they were being taxed by the crown but not being given a voice in Parliament (taxation without representation) so they pulled off the biggest revolution known in this country. These were simple men, farmers, ruffians, and outcasts, these were the men who won our right to call ourselves America.

Many years later, in the late 60’s and early 70’s, there was a revolution again. A bit smaller but still a revolution. During this time, the younger generation was fed up with the involvement in the Vietnam War and the common folk once again protested. Some of the greatest music of our times came from the form of protest music. The world listened as pressure was put on the government for things to change.

Once again, we find ourselves in need of change. Not just here in the US but in many countries, where the government has forgotten its job of working for the people and has settled in, only working for itself. The world is taking notice and they are hitting the streets in protest and some are once again picking up their musical instruments to be heard.

This brings me to today’s Song Of The Day, Brave New World, by the UK band The Blinders. Released yesterday, July 4th. A day they felt important enough for such a massive release. A day we needed to be reminded that we must continue to fight for our freedom, not just here but in any country. It is a protest song but it is angry, gritty, and unlike the more folk-based songs of the 60’s. It represents the voice of an angry disillusioned generation and it is important. The song deals with, in the words of the band…

The dystopian anthem of the Idiot King rises to the surface of the murk-filled-mire. Take the song for what it is; an ugly, brown portrayal of the modern day ‘free world’, and the inevitable ‘Helter Skelter’ we would face, so long as things continued this way.

Have a listen:


The Blinders are not the only UK band to lead us into Revolution, there are more and you can check them out in this great article by our friends The Zine.  
They are the new face of protest songs, they are the new face of change. We urge you to follow and to get you in the mood, we have a soundtrack for the resistance, listen below.

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